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Michael Haneke

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Recenetly saw Hidden on Sky and enjoyed it very much (except one bit that made me go GRRaaaaiiieeee....awwwww......aww......fuck.......FUCK!).

I also saw Funny Games a few years back on C4 and thought it was tits. So recommend-me-do some more Haneke, what should I go for next? Maybe tell me if the Haneke boxset is any good? Plus discuss him and that as well.....

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Funny Games was interesting but quite disgusting, The Piano Teacher infuriated me and Hidden left me cold. As a director, I admire the artistry of his work but find everything he does completely unlikeable.

I hated Daniel Auteuil's character in Hidden.

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Yeah, like I say, I admire his work, but personally I can't relate to any of his characters and that stops me from really caring about what's happening.

I've only seen his La Pianiste but echo this sentiment completely. Not one character in that movie was likeable. It was interesting for sure, but ultimately so cold and mean spirited that I never want to watch it again.

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I loved Code Unknown but I've yet to meet anyone else who felt the same way. It has a bit of the coldness and mean-spiritedness of his later films but a couple of the characters are likeable in the more traditional sense.

Plus, you know, Juliette Binoche is in it.

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