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Wireless Gaming Receiver For Windows


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(i) Does *not* support force feedback (but does support the steering wheel - I'm not convinced I understand the point...). Fortunately I've not got room on my desk to actually use it with Windows, but it'd be nice to have the option.

(ii) The supplied software doesn't work with a fully patched version of Vista. You have to go and download version 1.1. This is slightly ridiculous, given Vista was released to manufacturing at the beginning of December.

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Rumble is rumble. Force feedback is resistance provided to the stick. As there's still not a pad controller with force-feedback sticks, 360 pad included, (Immersion were pimping one back when the PS2 launched but nothing came of it) it's unlikely that a patch will provide it. :(

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Who said anything about force feedback on the 360 pad?

I should perhaps have elaborated: (but does support the steering wheel - I'm not convinced I understand the point of the steering wheel without the force feedback support).

It follows that it *should* be possible to add driver support at some point in the future - there's no technical reason why the information couldn't be provided across the wireless connection (it's already done on the 360).

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