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Expensive Month For 360 owners coming up..


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As if your Wii purchases weren't enough proof that you have weird taste, this confirms it.

There's nothing wrong with a lot of the Wii games out there. I find that if nothing else, the controller is far more comfortable to use than a traditional joypad. So if the functions of it aren't fully utilised I'm still better off than with a traditional pad.

Anyway, Bullet Witch sounds OK from the IGN preview.

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Expensive Month For 360 owners coming up..

If you live in a vacuum maybe ;)

For a lot of European gamers March is going to be expensive for a very different reason.

Namely the PS3 :D .

You have to buy a lot of Xbox360 games before you'd match the £600 you'd have to drop on the PS3 at launch to get a few games and another pad.

But it's not too late, cancel your PS3 pre-order and ignore the Casino Royale enticement.

Buy a 360, better value, better catelogue of games, better pad. :(

If you must buy a PS3, avoid Resistance. If you must have an FPS at launch get "Black", it's got better graphics and gameplay than Resistance :wub::P:( I know it's a PS2 title :(

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