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Me too!

Coming right after the predictably average Liza Tarbuck sitcom, Bonkers, I was expecting it to be totally awful and aimed right at the ITV viewers who do go to Benidorm for holidays just like this. Instead I found it was funny, had some archetypal but likable characters and even had a delicious nasty edge (that 'open-minded' old couple!) And Vegas, Pemberton and Nicholas Burns!

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Yeah, I'll be watching. Unsophisticated stuff, to be sure, but it generally has a few decent lines (mostly from Steve Pemberton it has to be said). I'm not sure if the new hour-long format will work though - I fear it might get stretched a bit thin - I thought the long one-off special they had earlier this year (or was it last Christmas?) was a bit of a disappointment.

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I've maintained for some time ITV have been vastly improving.. it seemed to start with ITV2 and ITV4 to some degree..

ITV4 is brilliant.

They've realised that the Holy Grail of television is to show endless re-runs of eighties action flicks...and it works!

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I enjoyed the first few series of this, but this series has been weak. I don't think the new characters are as good a mix as the ones they are replacing. The idiot ginger lad being the main culprit. Obviously in as a replacement for Vegas but while his character was daft it had a certain edge to it, unlike ginger who seems to be playing a complete retard.

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