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Freeview loses Sky Sports News, Sky News.. Sky 3


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Sky News is fucking awful, all stupid fucking whoooooooosh! captions-graphics and the kind of hysterical reporting you'd expect from Fox' slightly less retarded UK cousin but Sky Sports News, man...I'll miss Sky Sports News, even though I'm sick to death of that wretched Moloko song.

Pretty much bang on what I was going to write. Twats. Oh well, time to bookmark a few good football websites.

*edit* and download that song to listen to when I take a break from browsing them :)

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UKTV History is great, and still evry much on.

yup, quality channel!

Yeh, theres no way i'll pay for sky anytime soon. Everytime I have been in a situation where I can watch sky , and all channels are available, I still can't find anything to watch.

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I wouldn't miss Sky channels on Freeview. Endless repeats interspersed with ads for their pay channels, and they expect people to pay for that as well now? Fuck off. Keep Freeview free!

All the UKTV channels should be on Freeview, not just History, after all they're all repeats of old BBC shows with five-minute ad breaks, why should people pay for that?

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