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F1: Championship Edition


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Not seen a lot on this around here, it's out soon in the States. Looks bloody marvelous and seems quite fully featured as well. Gamespot have just put up a preview and videos of the online mode (11 players and 11 AI) and it all looks rather spiffing. The sense of speed in their videos is ridiculous.


Online mode videos, free to stream or DL and low-res. (Quality's alright though)

Other media:

IGN vids, HD for insiders. ('Blazing' is particularly impressive)





Goes all the way from really arcadey to all realistic like. The damage modelling it's chucking around is well impressive if you can find a vid of it. A lot of the people capturing movies are playing in the super arcadey mode.

Anyway, racing games are great, and the PS3 has a lot of them to look forward to with this, Motorstorm, GT5, Wipeout, RR7, WRC, ATV before you think about any of the multiplatform ones on their way. Can't wait until 2008 when they're all out and I have a PS3 so I can sit down and use a HDTV to blast my face off with hot juicy speed.






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I had the Jap one and it's really good. Probably the best console iteration of the sport anyway.

I sold it though as the main career mode was pretty much all Japanese whereas the other modes had English menu's. Will prolly pick it up again when it becomes cheaper.

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With screen tearing and a dodgey framerate.

There's no "e" in dodgy.

I was actually suggesting that F1 as a sport is the problem rather than the PS3, but don't let that stop you from justifying your exorbitant entry ticket price to the launch party.

Edit: Don't go blaming me for slagging off the demo.

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Sorry about my spelling. Already said in the original post I'm not getting a PS3 on launch, too expensive, not enough games I want.

As for the demo thing, I was joshing, in the hope of not having another thread with a PS3 game in it turn into a huge wet cussing orgy.

I feel empty inside having slagged off the PS3 now, it's just too easy these days; like slagging off Blair or Bush.

Seriously though, I still think F1 is utter garbage, but the screen shots are pretty groovy. The next Moto GP shall (hopefully) rule supreme though.

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This is the game engine Sony Liverpool will build on to develop Wipeout for the PS3.

Formula 1 is just an appetizer before the main event.

Wipeout with nextgen graphics that make your eyes bleed and the Six Axis Tilt function actually being right for a game. 10+ player online mode is just the icing on the cake.


Post in my Wipeout thread, you know you want too :)

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Why o why cant Sir Geoff make a new F1 game. :)

The thought of a direct X 10 Grand Prix 5 makes me weep. If only! :) We can only dream. I think he is well and truly retired these days. Althought there was talk of him making another stunt racer game. Dunno what ever happened to that. Think it got canned.

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I played the Japanese one on a demo pod connected to a massive screen. I remember being really impressed by the graphics, theres a really nice realistic blurring effect just on the edge of the picture when you drive that looks great. Didn't really like the gameplay, but never been a fan of F1 games in general.

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I thought to myself: it's rubbish if it hasn't got a proper in-car view... Then I found it has, and that really does look rubbish. The field of view's all wrong; head is too high and far away from the wheel, while the giganti-mirrors aren't even close to where they should be. I feared we hadn't seen the last of playdoh hands an' all. (I honestly had to check that isn't a PS2 version; it's not.)

I played this the other day for about an hour. Graphics are truly marvelous, yet that damn aliasing in the background made me cry out! The in car view I found not so bad, but it is really not realistic at all. It seems that they wanted to remind you each and every second that this is an arcade racer and all should be able to play it with no problems. Also, the rain does not fall realistically in the screen. It seems like you are behind a glass or a camera and it is really an anticlimax. Too bad because the rain is unbelievable. And the speed... The sense of speed is probably the best I have ever seen.

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Hopefully they can get the series back on form. One of my biggest disappiontents on the PS2 was the way the F1 series went. I absolutely loved F1 '97 back on the old Playstation.

Yeah, it was ace on the PC too, looked really decent with a 3dfx.

If it really looks that good then I'm sold. I found the demo a little underwhelming graphically, shame about the duff pad.

Are there language options in the Jap version?

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