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I had a fantastic meal in Soho on Friday night. I went with a group of friends to Bodean's for baby back ribs, washed down with mojitos...

Highly recommended...

You unspeakable bastard. I've made a couple of barbecue sauces over the past two days, spent the evening reading Steve Raichlen (author of premiere bar-b-porn) cook books all evening, and developed a real hankering for barbecue. Now you post this?

I'm going to storm the restaurant, kill and cook everyone inside, lock myself in, and drown myself sauce, and it's ALL YOUR FAULT.

Edit: They do rib tips and pulled pork???? *whimpers*

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Edit: They do rib tips and pulled pork???? *whimpers*


My friends were advised to go for the 'Boston Butt' pulled pork sandwich, which was apparently pretty good. Too good for me to try, anyway.

I went for the BabyBack Ribs...tender, tasty, and I had a real craving for them the next day......

This is now making me hungry.

My other recommendations are East in Peterborough (Really nice Asian fusion restaurant), The Brewery Tap (same owners as East....nice beer as well), and Panamania in Stamford.

EDIT: The cocktails are also very reasonable at Bodeans. I wouldn't necessarily make a whole trip to London, but I would make the effort to try the place next time you're in town... I went to the one in Soho on a Friday night and it was respectably packed...

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My absolute favourite food is ribs. I love ribs :D .

What were these one like, Badge? Worth me making the trip up to London?

Bodean's ribs are worth making the trip to London even if you have to crawl there. From Edinburgh. Fortunately for me I work about 10-minutes away so can go there for lunch...

They do some fantastic combos - half rack of ribs, quarter chicken, pulled pork. Go on a Monday or Wednesday for the burnt ends. Sublime stuff, people. A true meat-lover's paradise (even the barbecue beans have pork in them).

Man, I'm hungry.

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