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Is it me or the Wii?


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So, I've been informed that this weekend our house will be full - my brother-in-law and his girlfriend coming to stay, and her sister. The missus is very happy about this, because recently her brother's hardly ever come round, and she misses him (as you do). However, since the sister is coming too - I'm beginning to believe it might have more to do with the presence of a certain games console in our lounge, than our actual company.

Obviously I may be exagerating a little, and I'm looking forward to a weekend of Wii Sports, Play, and possibly Warioware.

It made me think though, about all the stories over Christmas and New Year of all the crowds of people visiting you guys' houses.

Anyone think they may have been taken advantage of? Were your parents really coming to see you? Was that strange couple on New Years Day really your neighbours???

Just thought it might be interesting to see how the Wii has affected the social lives of people here.

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My housemate keeps bringing home her weird friends after a night out clubbing and then expecting me to sit with them all and play it with them.

There's several things wrong with this.

Although we regularly have after-club parties, the last thing I want to do at 4/5am is stand around playing Wii Sports. We only have a small communal area because we've turned the main lounge into another bedroom so with loads of people in there it gets a little uncomfortable, not to mention dangerous.

Secondly, call me what you like but I'm so fucking bored of Wii Sports now. I mean I was never a big fan of it to start with, yeah it was all right and fun around Christmas but it didn't hold my attention for very long so being repeatedly whined at to play it when I quite frankly can't be arsed makes me want to throw it out the window. If her friends had the intelligence to actually be able to play Wario Ware that would be a different matter but that leads me onto my third point.

All her mates look like they have just stepped out of the centre pages of Chav Monthly and have the IQ to back it up. It's not hard to get through the first 2 levels of Wario Ware but I can understand casual's not getting the gist of it for a few goes but not getting past the second stage (the cheerleader one) after an hour and a half of play? Even my mum could do that ffs.

For me the Wii has turned out to be more of a curse than a blessing, it causes no end of grief and harassment but I definitely don't want to get rid of it!

I did get my own back though by playing Rainbow Six: Vegas with the speakers and sub turned right up so the bloke that she had pulled couldn't concentrate, kept getting distracted and in the end she threw him out for being shit :unsure::D

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