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How much should I charge for design work?


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I've posted this in ATF too but didn't really get much response, so Mod's if you have to delete one, delete the other. Anway...

OK, so over the years I have been doing some design work for friends of friends in my spare time, I've always charged something reasonable to make sure they don't think I'm over pricing, say £10 an hour depending on what the work is. If it's something more specific like a banner I have set rates, but I'm never sure if I'm charging too little, no one has ever questioned my prices or told me they are too high.

Anyway, I have now been asked to produce a minute long Flash animated screen saver. Now I'm sure that not every man and his dog knows how to do this, so I feel that I should charge a little more. It's a joint thing for Eon and the FA, just some basic transitions and text over images, but how the hell do I price this up?

In all honesty I wouldn't have thought it would take me more than two or three hours, but I think £30 is a bit cheap for such well known companies, I'm not saying I want to rip them off, but I certainly want to make it worth my while.

Is their even a website that can give me guidelines?

Any help would be appreciated.

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You have to think about what a design agency would charge for such a contract, what the two business involved will use it for, and what it will earn them in return.

It would also depend on how you found the work - there are a lot of factors, but if you have won the contract, or been approached by them, you have some power.

I would suggest that for a serious creative person, with talents that aren't just "off the shelf", you should consider charging £30-£50 an hour. As we are dealing with a large business here, and this will in reality be a days work, I would suggest charging at least £200 - and possibly half that again if you feel like it!

Those sort of numbers won't scare anyone that wants a quality product rather than an amateur job. Don't be afraid to make it worth your while!

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As far as industry rates are concerned I charge my design staff out at £88 per hour for senior design and £120 for an Art Director. Obviously thats as a professional company though so won't be applicable for you however I would expect to pay a designer/animator £300 - £350 a day on a freelance contract so you could work out an hourly rate based on that.

The other thing to bear in mind is what something is worth to your buyer. Just because something takes you half an hour to produce it's not worth £15. Consider your experience and education to be what your client is actually paying for and it might help you set a price.

Me personally I would charge £200 for that screensaver.

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