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PSP firmware 3.02 hacked?


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Used that 'easy installer' thing and it bricked my PSP. Managed to recover it after a load of messing around though. Avoid the installer. Just use Dark Alex's version, even if does take a couple more minutes.

Got it up and running with the latest version though and all of the games work a treat compressed, I can get even more on that 4GB stick :)

Anyone else have problems with it, I was just about to use it.

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Thanks...i'll try that.

I know i need to rip STR/XA movie/audio files - can i rip anything else - like the XA (CD audio i think)


These are hugely big and must die*

*else my plan fails right there.

I've managed to get delta to about 96MB now - which is very nice.

Internal section down to 26MB.

Now for Dance Dance revolution. See if i can rip out the music from that.

What ripping tools are you using?

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Yeah...you right to a degree.

But some of the PSP emulation for music doesn't work anyway.

Wip3out SE doesn't seem to work yet.

Do you mean the game, or the CDDA music tracks? I was just about to try messing around converting it. I have the PAL Wipeout 3 SE which took me literally months to get off some crap P2P client a couple of years back. Did it ever have an NTSC release?

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Anyone else have problems with it, I was just about to use it.

Seriously, just use the Dark Alex download and follow the read me. It is incredibly straight forward process, it just seems a bit daunting if you've not done it before. Once you've done it you wonder what you were hesitating for. With any 'easy' installer you're trusting somebody to have encoded the installer properly and sometimes people don't / can't. The difference in ease between any 'easy' installer and the 'normal' method is never anywhere near as great as you may think.

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Yeah....dont use that installer - DA's method is actually easy and once done its something new you'd have learnt for the next update. I feel safer doing it the long way....just READ the instructions word for word.

What ripping tools are you using?

simply changing the image to a bin file...

using PSmplay.exe to create a psm file (with the relevent XA-STR files extracted) then...

PSXLDR to look at the psm file and change the addresses to numbers to lower ones (i think) which are better to compress in opstation.

It quite good actually.

PSMplay lets you rip STR, XA, TIM, VAG, VAB AND SEQ files.

I dunno what the those last 4 do but i rip them as well. Seemed to work until i got to rollcage and wipeout.

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Okay well after spending most of the night ripping and talking to Rev. Stu Campbell and fellow WOS formuite Tippy about the whole thing i've now got a fair collection on my 2GB stick..

Zanac - 6MB

Raiden Project - 57MB

Raiden DX* - 84MB

Adventures of Little Ralph * - 64MB

Irrtating Stick* - 28MB

Bubble Bobble* - 30MB

Rainbow Islands* - 63MB

R-Type Delta - 95MB

G-Darius - 17MB

Internal Section - 26MB

Thunder Force V - 242MB

Orignal Cotton * -

Strikers 1945 2 * - 310 MB combined

Raystorm * -

Soukyugurentai * - 241 MB

Gunner Heaven * -193 MB

Harmful Park* - 145MB

Those marked '*' are working will full music so potentially these could be ripped further.

And theres 335MB left.

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Anyone else have problems with it, I was just about to use it.

Syntax, I used this file. It's made by a guy from the DCEmu forum, he's created the .DXAR file so all that's necessary it to pop the files on your stick and hit 'go'.

Worked fine for me as it did for the 3.02 OE update. It's still easy enough if you want to go the normal route though.

In other news, Einhander seems to work nicely compressed (600-ish mb > 337mb). Just made a nice custom icon/bg for it too.

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I converted FFVII last night. If one game is almost perfect, I'm glad it's this one.

Broken Sword (US) runs too fast, sound is normal but animations are 3x speed. Have yet to try it without compression.

Driver (US) is really grainy looking and there's a few graphical glitches, just need to get out of the tutorial in the car park to get a proper idea. :)

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Thats a bit odd. Its not the compression is it?

Nope, that's on an uncompressed version. Tried it compressed and it was the same! Hopefully that'll be sorted with future firmware revisions though, I'll try out the original CMR in the meantime :)

Oh also, did you get DoDonPachi working alright? Mine didn't seem to run, and that's uncompressed.

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Ah ok. I changed to 1.5 kernel and it seems to have worked. what's the dissadvantage of doing this?

No idea to be honest. I have kept the kernel as it was and have a GAME folder with my psone games in, and a GAME150 for my emus. All works fine.

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