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The window size is rubbish. There's a black bar along the top (optimized for NTSC?) and the buttons along the bottom should bugger off instead of taking up space. And, on a widescreen telly it's in 4:3 with white bars down the sides.

It's just a trial (beta) though, hopefully they'll fix it.

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Be warned - I was in the middle of conposing a really long and interesting post when the little text box ran out of space. Somewhat frustrated, I randomly jabbed at letters and hit return a few times, causing the machine to crash it spectacular style. Even the power button on the console was dead. So if you run out of space, don't argue!

I probably should have used my PC to make the long post but, you know, it was all the way over there.

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I've had proper full screen youtube (and so on), controllable by my remote on XBMC for ages already, but its still fun to play around a little. For those not wishing to trawl through the thread for the reccomended URLs, here they are:











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I'm surprised that there's not a 'history' option, especially since Nintendo is super keen to let parents control/spy on their kids' use of the Wii.

I'd like more than two levels of zoom too please.

Other than that, browsing the internet on the TV is excellent. Obviously it's not a patch on having a PC (no pun intended) but it's nice to check out radiotimes.com or whatever from the comfort of the sofa.

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I've been away from here for like a week (sorry!) and am reading this thread with wtf bouncing all over my mind. Could anyone give a brief overview as to what has happened?,

when did this channel become available (can't connect to internet through wii where I am staying for xmas),

is it free for a while as intended?

Can you goto just about any site?

Is it as fast as your pc connection?

Can you check hotmail?

Youtube, can you view the REAL youtube? or is it some sort of wii version?

..........or just point me in a direction of where I can get info like this in one burst :(


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I've just spent the last hour or so trying to get into the wii Shop, but the bloody thing won't connect.

Can someone tell me if it's something up at my end, or if the shop's getting an absolute hammering, and as such, difficult to connect to?

Changing my wireless connection channel to 1 helped me connect after ages of trying.

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