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Roboplegic Wrongcock

Your Favorite Films Of 2006

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Mine is 'Children of Men' the trailer gave you a small taste of what to expect but seeing the final movie was a totally different experience. From that first terrifying nerve shredding scene in the coffee shop to the final scene that leaves us with a bit of hope, COM just delivered in every department.

Great acting from across the board and a quite plausible vision of a future Britain under a semi-fascist government and all that comes with that, Refugee warnings on the buses ,interment camps and travel permits.

I love that this is a Britain that is still recognisable to people that live here, but with slight technology updates. I think that is why the film has really hit home especially to people that live in this country. Nothing much has changed…except there are no children. That the film doesn’t try and explain why is one of it’s strength’s for me. I also loved the unexpected shocks especially the death of one major character from out of nowhere, it totally jolted me. And the escape from the farmhouse had me on the edge of my seat.

There are too many favourite scenes to pick out as the film is just full of them. I do like the little touches though like Clive Owen's 2012 jumper and Michael Caine's character's taste in music, Roots Manuva and Aphex Twin and his quite sad final scene, which had my eyes a little teary...

Also the scene where they visit the old primary school is very poignant and the final half an hour is the best bit of action cinema that I’ve seen for a long time. In fact the entire interment camp scene is just wild from when they arrive and seeing the snatches of what the soldiers get up, to the child’s birth it sent a chill down my spine seeing people from around the world trapped in that hellhole.

A whole town turned into a giant camp and them caged like animals was quite frightening, especially if you live in England as it was so recognisable, you could realistically see this happening in the future. For a film that wasn’t really on anyone's radar it is a masterpiece and my film of the year. Well done to Alfonso Cuarón.

And Clive Owen’s flip flops…

I'll post my other two films later...

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1. Miami Vice

2. Children of Men

3. Brokeback Mountain

Honourable mentions to The Prestige, United 93, Casino Royale, Little Miss Sunshine and Superman Returns. Actually, it's been an excellent year for films.

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Of the few I've seen this year:

1. A Cock and Bull Story (according to IMDb its general UK release was this year, though I didn't see it at the cinema but on DVD. And I loved it.)

2. Casino Royale

3. Superman Returns

4. A Scanner Darkly

=5. Mission: Impossible III

=5. Pirates of the Caribbean 2

7. X-Men: The Last Stand

Or something like that. The order might change when I watch them on DVD (which I'll probably end up doing with all of them, at some point). I enjoyed all of them to some extent - the only one of them that I found a really big disappointment was X-Men 3. Pirates 2 was overlong and not as good as the first, but still entertaining, and M:I3 was simply a well-made and very entertaining action flick.

I wanted to see The Departed and Miami Vice too, but missed them. There might still be just enough time for me to see The Prestige, though.

Here's my post in the 2005 films thread.

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Only been to the Cinema twice this year IIRC. Clerks 2 was well done and was a hoot, while Borat was complete shit.

I went five times in a week. The Prestige, Casino Royale, For Your Consideration, Babel & Bobby. Some absolute shite in there, I can tell you.

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1. Casino Royale

2. United 93

3. Munich

Honourable mentions to Crank, Miami Vice and Brick

I've yet to see Pan's Labyrinth, The Prestige or Children of Men, all films that I reckon could squeeze in there.

Oh and Turd of the Year - The Da Vinci Code.

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Best film I've seen this year is undoubtedly

Pan's Labyrinth.

An honourable mention goes to The Departed. Can't think of anything else, I missed Children of Men and all the summer blockbusters I saw sucked ass.

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This was last year, surely?

Came out in January in the UK.

My three:

1. Pan's Labyrinth - one of the best films of the decade let alone '06.

2. Hidden - A love/hate film depending on how much you enjoy films with no clear resolution.

3. The Proposition - Best western of the year.

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1. A Cock and Bull Story: Fantastic

2. United 93: Moving

3. Pan's Labyrinth: Surprising

4. Children of Men: Grim

And also, the "tried and failed, but at least they gave it a go" category goes to

1. Miami Vice: Stylish but empty

2. A Scanner Darkly: Visually interesting, but came up short

3. An Inconvenient Truth: Informative but Al Gore is still pretty boring.

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This years been fairly poor, I've been to see 30+ films but am struggling to pick a top three.

Ok here goes

1. Thank you for Smoking

2. Lucky Number Slevin

3. The Prestige

Im sure ive seen some other good things I just cant remember them.

Cars was much better than I thought it was going to be, but then I thought it was going to be complete dross.

superman/pirates/xmen were all a bit disappointing really.

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