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I just smashed a remote and my wall


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Playing tennis with the Fiancee, who is now 'bored' of the wii, I did a SWEET serve. The shitty strap broke and the remote flew across the room, narrowly missing the TV and dented the wall.

The straps are pathetic we gently tugged the other and it gave a bit. How much for an actual strong catgut strap?

People are bound to get excited playing it.

Wonder if I could (should) sue them for the cost of replastering the wall :wacko:

Oh well, this cracked remote "wouldn't sync" so it'll be going back for a new one tomorrow, and I'll be adding my own reinforcements to the straps.

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How do people do this?

I don't get it.

When you play normal games with thumbsticks, do your fingernails fly off?

Idiocy. Plain and simple. Either that or they are all a bunch of daisies. I wonder if these people would fling a tennis raquet/golf club in the air if they were playing for real?

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This is actually happening? I took the strap of mine as I found it patronising to be reminded that I actually need to HOLD ON to the controller as I'm using it :wacko:

I usually dislike Nintendo's overly protective attitude to health and safety with its machines (Promoting safe use is fine, but doing so on boot screens, in the game manual AND as a seperate booklet with every game/console is a bit much), but the strap screens are 100% needed and correct. Aside from possible legal action, its jolly well sensible to use the damm strap so you dont break all your shit/other people/your pets.

While for Zelda I'm not bothering, for Wii sports for example it's pretty essential. I don't fancy breaking my tv, pc monitor or any other delicate electrical equipment, and its good to drum it into people. No one in my house will be playing games without the strap, if they do so after being told off, they wont be playing it at all. That includes my parents!

This over excited play is really silly. I mean seriously, with tennis try doing a normal relaxed hit. Its just as fast. The only one where speed really seems to make a difference is bowling. Oh and golf.

Tennis is much more fun when you are over active though ;) Especially for net play

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Nintendo seem to agree as they're now doing a stronger strap in the US.

I think people have a point. The strap's there to catch the remote on those accidental occasions that you do let go. Yet it doesn't. What's the point in a safety feature which you can't have any confidence in?

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