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December Hip Hop Recommendations

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U God Ft. Necro - Takem Home

Infesticons - Cave Theme : BMS & Dana

Scarface - Born Killer

Cage - Radiohead

J Live - Play

J Live - Don't Play

Organised Konfuion - Why?

Ice T - A New Life


Infesticons - Hero Theme

Redman - Interview

Redman - Time 4 Sum Aksion

3rd Bass - Pop Goes The Weasel

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1. Masta Killa - Made In Brooklyn

2. Kidz In The Hall - School Was My Hustle

3. The Coup - Pick A Bigger Weapon

4. Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury

5. Zion I & Grouch - Heroes In The City Of Dope

Happy Xmas!

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Don't think so as I haven't heard it yet!

My albums from last month....

My Top 5 albums of the year......so far. Thought i'd get this thing rolling with mine. I pesonally don't think its been the best year for hiphop, in general the amount of good stuff coming from the US has been little and far between but the UK has come through with more albums this year than i can remember for sometime. Obviously this is a personal thing depending on the amount of albums I have managed to listen to this year.


Game Theory -The Roots

Superb album. From start to finish this is exceptional stuff from The Roots. There sound just gets better and better for me; jazzy and soulful mixed with some superb MC-ing and production that just can't get any better. The album flows from track to track and just gets better along the way, 'False Media' may grate on some with the preachy lyrics but the its soon forgotten as the album moves on to the stirring vocal based 'Don't Feel Right' (poss the best on the CD), encompassing the delightfully mellow 'Livin' In The World' through to the exceptional Dilla tribute 'Can't Stop This', no other album I've heard comes close to this for completeness.

Braintax - Panorama


The best UK album i've heard all year. (Das - I ain't got IQ wink.gif )

I absolutely love this album. Yes its only just come out but this shows Braintax has 'grown up' and stepped his game up from the admittely brilliant BiroFunk. This man has a lot to say about politics, Britain and the world but never becomes too 'preachy' unlike other politically driven MCs. 'All I need' starts the album off lovely with a very soulful feel, 'Syriana Style' gets things moving in the political direction but the album isn't just about that. 'Good Or Bad' where Mystro and 'Tax rap about women breaks the album up nicely before Anti Grey turns up with what could possibly be the nearest he's got to a cross over 'pop' hit just before 'Grip Again' brings us back to reality with Braintax showing us the mind of a suicide bomber that gets you thinking differently about whats happening in the world today. The beats are this album match Birofunk's more funky feel but the lyrics are far superior.


Ghostface Killah - Fishscales

As much as peeps on here don't like this, I personally think its an absolutely cracking album that is let down by a few minor irritations that I am able to overlook. Ghostface Killah is by far and away my favourite US MC at the moment and this album shows us what he is about. The only man I can think of that can 'croon away' like an dodgy old soul singer then move on to delive some of the most satisfying and enjoyable lyrics that you will hear from anyone over some of the best producer's beats in the world. 'Champ' is one of the best if not the best track all year. Hugely satisfying beat (Just Blaze) mixed together with Rocky-esq samples, it really gets you in the mood to bounce. Other quality tracks have to include Pete Rock's 'Be Easy', J Dilla's 'Whip Ya With A Strap' and DOOM's 'Underwater'. No other emcee around at the moment is so adept at telling a story.


Ian Beef - Pleased to meat you...with beats to please you

What can i say about this album?? I'm pretty sure NO ONE on here has got it and probably no one will but this is insane UK hiphop at its best. The concept is simple, Majesta from All Creatures is obviously pretty fucked up as he decided it would be a great idea to make a whole album about Beef. What this album does is take you on a drug induced 40mins where a Cow drugs Majesta and gets him to produce an album in the guise of Ian Beef. Along the way he is joined by Alan Lamb, Ken Tucky & Baste, Kevin Bacon and Deeds in what I personally believe is a hilarious and interesting ride that gets hiphop back to its roots - Having fun. Majesta is a surprisingly good MC and his flow and lyrics are top drawer. He sounds like no one else out there. Pick it up on the Hairyparents website. Its only 8quid.


Asaviour - Borrowed Ladder

Asaviour, an emcee who I have really only come across this year. His voice takes some getting used to but perserve and I reckon in this album you have one of the best of the year. Stand out tracks would be 'Money In The Bank' feat. Yungun/Kyza and 'So Northern' feat. Braintax. The latter having one of the best beats I've heard all year. The album is full of guests from Jehst, Yungun, Kyza to Braintax and Micall Parknsun but they never over shadow or take away from the main man himself. Another extremely well produced album which shows that the UK is coming up to the standards of the Americans best.

Oh and I love your reasons for choosing those albums Trill! :blink::)

@Cal, why is it you don't like UK hiphop mate? (Going back to last months thread)

@Ashmatuk - Fair enough if ya heard them and you ain't that impressed then its your opinion. I just don't get it! ;)

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Has everyone talked about Hell Hath No Fury yet?

There's a guy called Trill who posts on here, PM him and you can have your own little chat about it :blink:

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DJ IQ - The Hater feat. Kashmere

Tell me who else is making beats that sick?! It's a couple years old aswell, so he probably made that beat when he was like 17. You lot are sleeping.

Apparently he produced 'Follow The Leader' too but we've just all been sleeping on him.

I actually really liked Made In Brooklyn. Will you be my mate now Trill?

Only if you deleted the really annoying 5% nation skits. And the one with his son on it at the start.

If you love Wu-Tang then this album is just classic brilliant vintage Wu - stuff like Street Corner is so soulful and Deck and GZA's verses kill it, and Ghost sounds better on It's What It Is than he does on all of More Fish (except that super dope Alex track).

"No tears for the reaper/I buried about thousand/In graffiti, 'Rest In Peace' sprayed all throughout the housing"

That's rap soul music, kids.

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Need to think about that top 5 for a while.

Here's some stuff I've got or upped recently - should have Nas around Tuesdayish:


Mos Def - True Magic


Lord Finesse - The Awakening

| 01| Da Sermon (Intro) | 02:16 |

| 02| Time Ta Bounce (feat. Doo Wop) | 01:22 |

| 03| True & Livin' | 04:42 |

| 04| O' Ord (feat. O.C.) | 01:23 |

| 05| Brainstorm / P.S.K. (No Gimmicks Remix) | 04:46 |

| | (feat. KRS-One & O.C.) | |

| 06| Taking It Lyte (feat. MC Lyte) | 01:06 |

| 07| Gameplan | 05:10 |

| 08| Words From Da Ak (feat. Akinyele) | 01:34 |

| 09| Flip Da Style | 03:43 |

| 10| Showtime (feat. Showbiz) | 01:04 |

| 11| Speak Ya Peace (feat. Marquee, Diamond, & A.G.) | 04:55 |

| 12| Food For Thought | 04:05 |

| 13| Da Kid Himself (feat. Kid Capri) | 00:45 |

| 14| Hip 2 Da Game | 04:03 |

| 15| No Gimmicks (feat. KRS-One) | 05:47 |

| 16| Actual Facts (feat. Sadat X & Grand Puba (Non Album Bonus | 05:09


Another link for Ghost - More Fish

...and an early xmas present coming soon just for Das :blink: :


Happy merry.

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just getting Lord Finesse and Mos Def now. I've ordered More Fish this morning so will wait to hear that when it comes. Cheers Fusty.

Regarding Made In Brooklyn, I like it although there are some tracks on their that can easily be skipped. Not my album of the year by any stretch of the imagination but it was a reasonable release in a reasonable year of hiphop.

DJ IQ - The Hater feat. Kashmere

Tell me who else is making beats that sick?!

Nice! :):blink: Time to order that album.

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I'm going to reserve making my definite top 5 nomination until as late as possible. I've mostly been sleeping this year to be honest, no doubt. Have just recieved a chunk of CDs I planned on buying this year, I doubt I'll have given them all the attention they deserve to make a proper top 5 list by the end of the month (DJ IQ, Kashmere, LG & Biscuit, Panorama, Terra Firma, GMB, Asavoir, plus that Jehst comp, Doctors Advocate, Kids in the Hall). Too much, too late.

Anyway, a few albums I have had a chance to check, and enjoyed a lot this year. May or not make my final top 5.


JMT Presents Army of the Pharoahs - The Torture Papers

Totally unexpected. I loved this album. I love the JMT style and Stoupe's production style, but generally find Vinnie Paz quite irritating and it puts me off a lot of their stuff. This album was ideal because it gave some exposure to other emcees in the same sorta style that I hadn't touched on before. There's some mixed production in there - a few European producers. At times it sounds border-line pop but i I think it's just that an effort has been made to ensure the style is raw but listenable. My favourite track of the year was on this CD.


King Syze - Syzemology

I'd never heard of him until the AOTP album where he mad minimal exposure. I probably wouldn't have checked this album if it weren't for a helpful homie on here. I was very surprised. I expected an average album with plenty of filler, instead this ended up my most listened to album of the year. At times excellent and at times not more than average, it held up well as a solid album that was extremely listenable. Far from the best emcee in the world, Syze pulled it off. A decent album with some cool tracks. I was probably so impressed because I expected very little, but still a quality album.


Bronze Nazareth - The Great Migration

Another guy I knew nothing about until this album. I look at this as a showcase for the Wu sound moving forward as it should have. I thought Fishscales was so poor it wasn't funny. This album has some depth and soul, so charisma and charm. It had heart. Even right up to the instrumental outro, it was good all the way. Lots of different styles and tracks, Hear What I Say was a definite highlight for me.


Murs - Murray's Revenge

I loved 3:16 so was always going to check this. Some people saw it as more of the same, others felt it was a step backwards. I felt it had all the trademark Murs qualities - he has a great voice, good ability to tell a story and doesnt bother himself rapping about negative or cliched stuff. Never a ground breaking album but still a fantastic listen. Loved DSWG.

Yeah, so it was a year for crappy album sleeves. Only Murs manages to save face (no pun intended) and only just. No UK stuff on that list, I know - I'm working on that at the moment having missed the UK scene all year.

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The first time I listened to it.


The second time I listened to it, straight after the first, on loop.


The first time I listened to it after he'd died.


The 100th time I listened to it.


The last time I listened to it.

Everything else I semi-liked this year was flawed. Donuts was the one true classic. Count Bass D and Ghostface both had classic moments, but they've made better music previously. Ain't heard Clipse yet. Hopes is high.

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If you love Wu-Tang then this album is just classic brilliant vintage Wu - stuff like Street Corner is so soulful and Deck and GZA's verses kill it, and Ghost sounds better on It's What It Is than he does on all of More Fish (except that super dope Alex track).

I only listened to the album a couple of times, but I vaguely remember raising a smile at Meth's appearance. Real bounce in his flow there I seem to recall.

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Yeah definatly go along with Cal there. I've enjoyed lots of stuff this year, but the only true classic is 'Donuts'. 'The Shining' had its moments too don't forget. Also enjoyed Lake's album and The Visioneers was pretty special too, as was King Syze's LP.

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^Pleased somebody said it.

Me too, I've been listening to hip-hop for a long old time now and been a fan of Jay Dee for most of that time... but Donuts, well it's ok. There must be something I'm missing, I can't understand why peope are going nuts over it. It sounds like Dilla doing a Madlib impression to me, and not a great one at that.

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We need to sort out that posse cut everyones been talking about for years. The rllmuk christmas posse cut. It'd be ILL! Everyone lays down some bars on a beat made by one of the producers on here (Das or Blunted I think). It'd be JOKES. And it'd be a nice way to STOP THE BEEF. Or create move beef. Eithers good. It'd be really fucking funny, if nothing else.


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