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Rainbow Six Vegas Online play

Doc NI

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Those who have Rainbow Six Vegas and are up for some online gaming post tags and times to arrange games here.

I am most interested in Coop story mode and terrorist hunt, however will play any game mode with rllmuk'ers.

See you online

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Can you do the normal single player story missions in co-op?

And does the multiplayer mode look as bad as it did in the demo?

Yes (well, the maps. Your AI teammates won't be there)


No. (spruced up considerably)

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I will be about tonight.. really looking forward to this!

I'm up for some Rainbow Six action too. I've been playing a lot of co-op with outspaced (which is excellent fun) but I'd like to play some team deathmatch as well (like the old RS3 days).

I should be on too - it'll be just like the old days.

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Man I'm rubbish at this game. I keep getting lost on the maps, especially in Retrieval and Attack/Defend games. I think I might stick to Sharpshooter game types until I've sussed the maps out a bit better.

I still haven't ranked up either :rolleyes:

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Ace coop games last night Meerman,

Loved the vega street level, some parts of that where straight out of Michael Manns "Heat". Seriously intense car cover based street battle with wall thumping subwoofer FTW!

Loving this, enjoy your skating Meermate, more of this tomorrow night? (Im off work for Wii friday so can stay up late!)

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