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Preacher: now an AMC TV show - No comic spoilers please


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So that looks like Jesse in Anville to me, then falling out of a plane (so either they've mixed up the storyline from the comic a bit, or they cover a lot of ground in season 1), Jody, maybe? Something happening to Jesse's congregation which isn't getting burned alive in church, and Cassidy.

Looking forward to this even though I've got no doubt it will be shit.

I don't think the order the comic was told in would work at all for a TV series, so I imagine you'll get it very mixed up. But possibly in a good way.

I have no idea how this'll turn out, but from the trailer I'm not holding my breath.

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I like the look of Jesse, but I have a bad feeling about the whole thing. Preacher, like most Garth Ennis comics, is fucking crazy mental violent and hysterically funny and just fucking ridiculous, but you get away with a lot more on the pages of a comic than you do on a screen. Suspension of disbelief is a lot easier. Not sure this will translate well, but i'll give it a chance.

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That's messed up dude.

he's an adelphi sent to track genesis then?

Cass? No - surely the bit in the plane in when they try and blow up The Saint with a nuke and Jesse makes Cass throw him out of the plane over the desert. That leads to the rubbish Jesse the sherrif story.

Comic spoilers ^.
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AV Club has a positive review of the first four episodes.




And a new trailer, which looks much better than the first one.


And this featurette thing that shows a lot of the plot for season 1, I think. Looks like it's deviated away from the comics quite a bit.



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