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A thread for PS3 owners Here

Hello Goaty ♥

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Get out! It's one of the most exciting driving games I've ever played!

Why don't you like it?

EDIT: ah, I see you go into detail in the Motorstorm 2 thread. Soz.

Excitingly unfair, the game is a fucking cunt and has made me angrier then the Hulk when he splits a nail. AGHHH FUCK MOTORSTORM 2!

Sorry, wrong thread I guess. Happy place happy place happy place


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Has anyone had GT4 running ok on a 60gb machine? No matter what options I choose I can't get a decent picture. It is either too zoomed in and looks awful, or there are borders top and bottom of the picture and it looks as though it is in the wrong aspect ratio.

I have tried upscaling on both normal and fullscreen. And also set the game to 16:9 using the options once in GT4 itself. But just can't seem to get it right. I've played other PS2 games without a problem so am not sure what I am doing wrong. Unless it is just one of those games that doesn't work well. Cheers

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Stupid official headset pairing ^_^ . Not sure how I did it, I assume via USB although I was pressing everything. How would I know? It says you get special functions etc. if you do it via USB, what are they? The on screen indicators?

You have found that 'hidden' USB slot on the top of the headset? I can't remember now, but I think you need to 'pair' it direct the first time and not through the base unit.

Ignore above, I misread you post!

Yeah, it should say HQ in the top-right of your XMB if it's paired correctly.

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I win!


And by "win" I do of course mean lose. At life.

Bastard! I'm always comparing with Soong and feeling like a failure but you take it to another level (literally). :lol:

4 Platinum :) Jesus!

I've not even earned one platinum yet :lol:

I don't like the purple colour though! It should have been black but hey ho, it's a start!

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