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Channel4/Bigbrother northern announcer


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The first time they used him on bigbrother it was a bit of a novelty to hear a northern accent used prominantly by an announcer/narrator, but now they are using his monotonous tones for all their program links Im sure the suicide rate in the UK has jumped significantly. His voice now strikes me as the most grating and completeley cun7ish thing that I hear on TV- get shot of him channel 4 asap.

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Oh you didn't know? London is the only place in England. Everywhere else is 'unknown'!

Ask most Americans where they'd live in the UK and 99.9% say London, simply because they think that's all there is. Plus present them with a faintly regional accent like this BB xunt and they're all "jeez I can't understand this guy, is he Scottish?" - arseholes.

That bloke probably lives in London these days anyway. Nothing I hate more than people moving to London then banging on about how northern/Welsh/Scottish/etc they are.

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