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Photo Contest - October

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Below are the entries for this month's competition. The theme for October was Autumn.



Please vote for your THREE favourite photographs by quoting their numbers and the names of the forumites who took them.


1st - Fusty Gusset

2nd - MrPogo

3rd - vamecum

Your 1st choice gets three points, your 2nd choice gets two points, your third choice gets one point.

Voting closes at 8pm on thursday 5th November. The winner gets to choose November's subject, so have a think about what you might pick if you win, that way we can kick the next contest off as soon as voting ends.

1 ) SeanR


2 ) Sigourney Beaver


3 ) Rebs


4 ) Asura


5 ) Delargey


6 ) Das Tapen


7 ) themomentbefore


8 ) Paradigm


9 ) FishyFish


10 ) Barnard


11 ) Playdoh


12 ) price hack


13 ) lets book


14 ) Shimmyhill


15 ) Dude Ranch


16 ) acidbearboy


17 ) Astilius


18 ) Stebbo


19 ) Farley


20 ) Freelance Tramp


21 ) Cactus Jack


22 ) Agent L


23 ) deepblue


24 ) Wickedkitten


25 ) fragglerock


26 ) evilwallpaper


27 ) MrPogo


28 ) psycho fox


29 ) thebigboss


30 ) PeteJ


Yay! this time it worked!

Good luck everyone!

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Crikey, it's a tough choice this month, I don't think I've ever had such a long shortlist (both in length, 12, and percentage of the entries)! After much deliberation:

1st - 22) Agent L

2nd - 11) Playdoh

3rd - 9) Fishyfish

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My votes go to:

1st - 13) lets book - lovely image. Reminds me of a crowd of beskirted women marching through the mist.

2nd - 28) psycho fox - this one really says 'autumn' to me. Could that be Michael Myers in the background? :)

3rd - 19) Farley - Another great image. The flocks of migrating geese give it a sense that the year is now drawing to a close.

Loads of great shots again this month - and another sudden influx as the competition drew to a close. It was a real close call this month, with at least another 5 shots competing closely for my top 3.

NOTE: it's actually SUNDAY 5th of November that voting closes.

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OK, for me:

FishyFish - I think the contrast of colours in his image is superb, and if he took it by hand then he must be a surgeon - or using VERY fast exposure on a VERY bright day.

DudeRanch - Good depth of field and framing, interesting concept behind the image.

Playdoh - I just really like the image. No technobabble this time :)

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FishyFish - I think the contrast of colours in his image is superb, and if he took it by hand then he must be a surgeon - or using VERY fast exposure on a VERY bright day.

Spot on - it was taken, hand-held, around noon on a beautifully bright & crisp day. It was pretty windy too and the branches were swaying around a fair bit. Good old image stabilised lenses, eh? :)

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A very good month...again!

1st - AgentL - absolutely love this image. You could sell stuff like that

2nd - lets book - another stunner. Very atmospheric

3rd - playdoh - very smart photo, the central composition works really nicely

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1st - Fishyfish - Technically perfect imo - amazing colours, impact wise it jumps off the page for me

2nd - Playdoh - Very autumnal, good colours and lots to look at in the picture with a well composed leaf. I tried to take this shot for the competition aswell !

3rd - Farley - Again technically a great picture, stands out well and would have won for me if it was a bit more autumnul.

Some really good pics as always this month - Astillius has a good pic but it needs to be run thru photoshop to get the levels sorted and bring more of the detail out. Could have been a contender. I really like PeteJs shot but i want to see the whole leaf ! I also really like Mrpogos shot and AgentL (mind i think one of your other pics was better and would have made my top 3)

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Never ventured into this thread before, but I'm glad I did this month. Some wicked pix.

1)Dude Ranch

2)Lets Book

3)Deep Blue (Love the reflections of the trees in the window. A very modern life take on Autumn I thought!)

They're all very good though. I was tempted to include SeanR, FishyFish and most of the other too!

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1st = lets book: It screams early autumn morning in the country. Beautifully atmospheric, visually striking and somewhat sinister.

2nd = FishyFish: Technically brilliant with some lovely colours. It's so sharp, I feel I could cut myself on the leaves.

3rd = Agent L: I like this one because I wish I was there.

Honourable mentions to Farley, Playdoh and Asura.

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1) Stebbo

2) Fishyfish

3) Seanr

Stebbos was the only one to me that actually made me feel cold. I could feel the crisp air

Fishyfishs' picture is so clean that it had to get a mention

Not normally a big fan or SeanRs sunset photos but he pulled this one off well. Nice shine on the tracks

tbb, your picture is awesome but it has nothing to do with Autumn so nil points.



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Might wanna check that closing date :D

Yeah, noticed that last night. See the 4th post in the thread. ;)

1st........15) Dude Ranch

Joint 2nd......28) psycho fox and 26) evilwallpaper

Loverly photos you three, thanks. :P

Can you specify an actual 2nd & 3rd place please Rebs? Thanks.

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Some great photo's here so tough choices,

No 1 - lets book - Lovely pic and a great subject and the muted colours feel very autumnal.

No 2 - Farley - Beautiful sunset and the flock of birds in the background looks like they are migrating.

No 3 - Mr Pogo - The dying sunflower captures autumn perfectly.

Looking forward to finding out the winner and for the next subject, but you're all fuckers for not picking my wicked sparkler shot ;)

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1. deepblue. No doubt to many of you you'll be wondering why it's anything to do with autumn. But from someone who walks to work on similar days now and passes similar buildings and works partially in a 1960s/70s monstrosity it's really evocative. The sky and the tree in the background are wonderful and it just brings out emotion in me, which is what a truly great photograph ought to do.

2. Agent L. I think this is an absolutely stunning shot and has wonderful colours... however this is a provisional spot. Was this played around much with in Photoshop? Not accusing or anything but there just seems to be a massive contrast between how vivid the colours of the tree is and the sky/erm... what's the name of those plant things again on the right? Rushes or something. Yeah. Anyway I'm placing you second because I hope (and assume) it's natural rather than PS and think the composition is excellent. The colours are just so staggering that I have to check, sorry!

3. Asura. I think it's great that you've taken the concept of autumn in terms of colour (which is obvious) and then thought about that and taken a dynamic image, which is something completely different to the other entries this month. If it was a one-way road with slightly better composition I reckon you might have gotten top spot.

Anyway, cracking this month, I reckon it's the best there's been.

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