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car booting Sunday 29th Oct


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This week was the first time iv'e seen 360 games for sale at a boot sale that haven't been from a trader, picked up a couple which was nice, also got a boxed Frogger table top game.

what 360 games did you get? Seems a bit early for 360 games at boots.

I'm actually quite glad I've stopped booting for the winter now. It gives me a chance to sort out my stuff. I went through all my N64 stuff yesterday and found I have 6 consoles, about 10 pads, 4 expansion packs and a spare power lead. I've just sold a console too. That lot will provide a nice bit of money for the wii fund.

SNES will be next, I'm sure I don't have any more that 4 of those but I thought I only had 3 n64's.

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I was suprised, but then he wasn't giving them away.

I got -


The Outfit

Table Tennis

LOTR Battle for Middle Earth II

and a 'sun' faceplate which i asked him to chuck in.

I've seen loads of N64's this year, but unfortunatly not many boxed games.

I think we could do with a best of boot sales 2006 thread as the season is drawing to a close.

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Have you tried 99 Nights? Is it any good?

Not yet, I only just got a 360 at the weekend and have been 'playing' PES 6, other than a quick look at PGR and Dead Rising.

- I've not managed to get out booting for a few weeks now. The weather and the fact I've been up until midnight most nights stripping wallpaper and painting, have conspired to cause this.

Two winter boots open next weekend, so I am going to try and get out and about.

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Weird I started this Topic but my post is missing??? ROB!!!

Anyway I got an Xbox for £8 (yup 8 quid)

Just gonna use it as a media centre, with emulators and homebrew.

This sort of setup would cost £100s in the shops i got it for £8. The worlds cheapest most feture packed media centre.

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Professional camera tripod - £17 - these do about £50 on ebay and I've been after one for yonks.

2X zx81's and about 15 copies of Sinclair user. £10

2X psp games- Needs for speed and that f1 game. £8 pair

4 X C64 disc games 50p each

2X decent psone games £1 each

Psion 7a Colour organiser - the big ones, last model they made, very very nice. £10

Ds Age of Empires £8 - works as well, clearly someones not named themselves with 2 or 3 letters and hit save.

Thats it....

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