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Mature Videogames and Children


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I know it's a topic that is dug up a lot, but for my media studies critical research i am looking into the effect of mature videogames on children. I would really appretiate your views as gamers on the topic, i am looking into both sides of the argument and am trying to make it as unbiased as possible, so although all opinions are welcome, "jack thompson is a shit" is not the sort of thing i'm looking for.

Cheers Very Much


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Yeah - you need to be much more specific in terms of what you mean by "children" and "mature games".

Plenty of people would argue that Grim Fandango is a more "mature" game than Postal, for example. There's a difference between games whose content may be aimed at adults, and games that should only be played by adults. Avoid sweeping assumptions as to what you mean.

Also, how are you going to be looking into this? What are your methods of research, etc?

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