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Your Halloween Top 3

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Good thread. I didn't have any plan to do this but now my rare day off work this week will be imbued with the following 3:

Stephen King's It


Mulholland Drive or Lost Highway

Love The Descent but i've watched it too recently.

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I'm going to watch The Exorcist, although I despise this stupid American holiday.

I watched it for the first time as part of my horror film module at uni last week. Really enjoyed it, although I walked in a few minutes late and was all like "IRAQ? WTF? LOL!".

Father Karras is a legend.

Tonight, I think I'll go for either Seven or The Thing, and then see what terrestrial has to over for the wee hours.

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Tonight, after the match, Halloween/2, my old Beta ex-rental copies...alongside The Burning also on a dusty old tape.

I guess it's the old vinyl/CD argument, but honestly crystal-clear, digitally-mastered DVD's don't come close in terms of atmostphere.

Last year was with a friend of mine and we watched some horror films at her place. She had this huge chest full of old VHS tapes, bloody brilliant. I don't have any tapes anymore, all gone, even the stuff taped off the telly. When the VCR died that was it, goodbye VHS. End of an era though, speaking as someone who enjoyed the 80s video shop boom.

Top 3 though:



Angel Heart

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Halloween and Friday 13th were on too late for me, I have to go to work in the morning :)

Did watch and enjoy Interview with the Vampire though!

It's Horror Week on TCM by the way, although I haven't had the foresight to see what's actually on for the rest of the week. Someone fill us in?

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As we have established there is feck all good horror films on TV this Halloween, lets all do our 3 films to watch on DVD that night again!

This time I will be watching:

The Omen (remake)

I know it will be shit but its been on the old Sky+ for ages...may as well start with something poo anyway...

From Beyond the Grave

After Rowans praise for this I will try and get hold of it.

Prince of Darkness

One of my fave Carpenter films, some great moments and a great homage to Quatermass and the Pit.

Lets have em....

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Depends what mood I'm in on the day but I will either go for a black and white night or an 80s alternative.

Black and White Halloween


Carnival of Souls

Eyes Without a Face

80s Halloween


Company of Wolves


Bloody hell! Haven't seen any of them, great stuff!

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I think it's going to have to be;

1. The Descent

2. The Thing

3. A Nightmare on Elm Street

I really am a big fan of the Elm Street films (I will watch 4 and 5 even if I don't like them) and it's a Halloween staple for me.

There's some slick choices going on in this thread. Hellraiser is an excellent selection! Prince of Darkness is also quite under-rated (I only saw it a couple of months ago for the first time since the trailer for it terrified me as a child). It's sampled on DJ Shadow's Endtroducing and before I'd seen the film, I thought the dialogue interspersed throughout the album was just 'cool' but it completely terrifies me now I know what it foreshadows.

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