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Online Poker Banned in the US


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So... online poker has been banned in the US. Party have stated that they're going to drop all US players for the moment anyway (75%+ of their userbase), so have 888/Pacific and Pokerstars may be doing the same thing too.

WSEX will continue accepting US players (they don't think they're doing anything illegal) but players will still have to get around whatever banking restrictions are put in place.

Bye bye fishies! :blink:

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The other thread is not poker specific.

This is a total disaster for poker players across the world. A huge percentage of the poker player base will be wiped out in one swift cull, and it will play havoc with everything from affiliate accounts through to, well, finding enough games with a reasonable number of poor players.

I know players who are now considering moving out of the US specifically because of this bill; their livelihood is being taking away from them. Hell, they even paid their taxes on poker winnings in the US, but that's not enough for those Republican war-mongering, oil-swilling cunts. Gambling bad, war good. Jesus needs his oil fix.

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It finally got signed into law yesterday. As a result Party Poker have cancelled their Monster promotion. There were posters for it all over town (Dublin) a few weeks ago, must have cost them a bit. I had an entry to the weekly monster tournament which I won in a 10 seater $11 sit and go, that I was going to use tonight. As they cancelled the tournament they cashed in my entry for $100 which is probably more than I would have won!

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