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Favourites of mine are Squarepusher Theme (Squarepusher - Feed Me Weird Things), Kickapoo (Tenacious D - POD), Fucking in the Bushes (Oasis - Standing on the Shoulders of Giants) and, if you exclude the intro, Break and Enter (Prodigy - ...Jilted Generation)

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Guest Magical Trevor

Although several of my choices have been covered already, got to add Tiesto - "Forever Today" from the "Just Be" album

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Most recently Be from Common's Be

I'd actually go along with that, good call!

Some others:

Other Side of the World - Eye To The Telescope - KT Tunstall

American Idiot - American Idiot - Greenday

Holiday From Real - Everything In Transit - Jack's Mannequin

Real World - Yourself or Everyone Like You - Matchbox 20

But the winner has to be:

Debaser - Doolittle - Pixies ;)

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I Wanna Be Adored - Stone Roses FTW


"Yes" - Manic Street Preachers, 'The Holy Bible'


One that just popped into mind, the Rocket from the Crypt one-two punch of 'Middle' and 'Born in '69' on Scream, Dracula, Scream!

Yes as well. My contribution is as follows:

Ode to Isis - And you will know us by the trail of dead - World's Apart

Jackie - Scott Walker - Scott 2

Introducing the band - Suede - Dogmanstar

Loads more, but these stick out like sore thumbs in my head.

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Mr Self Destruct from the Downward Spiral, can't beat a bit of THX

Hit The Lights from Kill Em All

Fight Fire With Fire from Ride the Lighnting (in fact Metallica's first 4 albums opened well)

Angel of Death from Reigning Blood. (again all Slayer's intros post the first album have been class)

Refuse Resist from Chaos AD (Beneath the remains, Arise and Roots all good intros too)

Cowboys from Hell

actually most of the great metal albums have a great intro and opener to grab your attention.

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