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Games™ Issue 49


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Leipzig 2006

Rainbow Six Vegas - Preview

Different Strokes: Level Design - A brief genealogy of level design

Interview: Trip Hawkins

The Hi-Def Revolution - Hi-Def buyers guide

The Players: Hank Keirsay - Ex-Lt US Army Colonel and lead military consultant on the Call of Duty series

Xbox 360 Live Test - Test Drive Unlimited(9), Saints Row(5), Prey(7), Bomberman Act:Zero(7), Chromehounds(;)




Taito Legends Power-Up Review - 75%

Clash of the Titans - Paperboy

Greatest Retro Game Ever - Tempest

Retro Feature - The Lightgun Brigade

Unsung Heroes - Shane R Monroe

Collectors Spotlight - Final Fantasy Series

Buyers Guide - Amiga

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Ape Academy 2 PSP 7

Broken Sword: The Angel Of Death PC 4

Call Of Juarez PC 7

Company Of Heroes PC 8

Defcon PC 9

Every Extend Extra PSP 8

Eye Toy: Play Sports PS2 6

GTR 2 PC 8

Joint Task Force PC 8

Just Cause 360 8

Mario Hoops: 3-On-3 DS 7

Mercury Meltdown PSP 7

Paraworld PC 6

Power Stone Collection PSP 8

Reservoir Dogs XBox 5

Rhythm Tengoku GBA 7

Ridge Racer 2 PSP 6

For those firewalled or unwilling to click links...

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Amazing considering that half of the online modes still aren't working and lag is a common problem. Good job GamesTM!

Yeah, does seem like a bit of an overcorrection to me. It will be worth a 9 in terms of online when patched, but it certainly isn't at the moment.

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The fact that this is without a doubt the pinnacle of RTS games, and the only "issues" that have been mentioned are that you only play as the US or nazis, 8/10 is frankly bonkers.

i don't doubt your enjoyment of it or indeed your opinion but 8/10 is still a very respectable score.
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Don't be daft. They are 1 mark away from your opinion. Hardly worthy of being called 'cretins'

They are cretins because they appear to have given it a sub score, something GamesTM all to readily do. It's not just my opinion. Every single comment i've seen has praised this game. An 8?? Utter bollocks.

i don't doubt your enjoyment of it or indeed your opinion but 8/10 is still a very respectable score.

I don't think you realise just how impressive this game is, an 8 is a total and utter injustice.

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i will be sure to check it out. i'm not a fan of these games but if you're calling it the Half Life 2 of them then i feel i must. has anyone read the Games TM review, surely they like it to give it an 8 so it must be a postive review overall?

sorry bit OT but do you think my PC will run it it's a P4 2.6 1gig ram radeon 9700pro?

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Check out the meta score on Meta critics - it's going to end up the second highest rated PC game - GamesTM is the only review not to give it a 9 or 10 I think.

But hey - it's only opinion

http://www.metacritic.com/games/platforms/pc/companyofheroes For those that want proof.

At the moment it's joint 4th place PC game ever, with Command and Conqueror. Yes, it is that good, every piece of praise is deserved.

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