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Commodore 64 added to Wii Virtual Console

Max M

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Most C64 titles were £8-£10. Only the budget ranges (Mastertronic, Firebird etc..) and re-releases were £2-£3.

I'd be happy to pay a fiver again for the oppertuntity to play something like Bounder or Encounter again via Virtual Console. It all depends if they release games of the quality or shit ones.

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A lot of old games, you look back with rose coloured glasses and when you finally get to play them again, you realise that time has left them in a ditch.

Not sot with the California Games. It's still a great party game to this day. I would pay $5 for social sessions.

did i dream it or did someone say that they were building a traditional version of california games for wii anyhow?

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If my memory serves, Firebird were owned by BT. Not sure if they offloaded the IP though.

C64 Turrican wasn't that bad. Granted it wasn't as polished as the Amiga version and lacked some of the weapons, but it was a huge technical achievement. Whether today's punters will want to pay to play it again though is another story.

There was a thread in Retro about Speccy games still worth playing, and we came up with a fair few that had stood the test of time.

Hmm, must give the XBox C64 emu a bash this afternoon.

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There is something very strange about Commodore and Nintendo becoming bed-fellows. Anybody have any idea how this deal came about?

im sure that back when they used to have videogames shows on Kids TV one of them had a feature about a nes game (cant remember which one) being developed and the dev kit shown was some kind of modified C64 so if the hardware is similar it seems like a fairly natural progression (well in hindsight anyhow).

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