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Of which 190 are really bad. I liked Smallville, but I spent the whole show waiting for him to put on the suit. And then they fucked that. I don't think I could bring myself to go through it again outside of the Christopher Reeves episodes. 

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On 22/07/2019 at 18:42, knightbeat said:

This is clearly old news, but I just read that Tom Welling is (or may be) reprising his Smallville role in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Is anyone planning to re-watch Smallville in preparation for the event? I have to admit that I have fond memories of the show, even though the writing and low budget made it tortuous to watch (and the Allison Mack situation is still a bit weird).


Looks like Rosenbaum is coming back. 



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He's always said he was up for an Arrowverse guest run if it was a substantial arc, but surely that's a poker face tweet. You wouldn't want to be the spoil sport for the sake of a days work probably catching up with old crew mates. Still plenty of room down the line for him to make a proper appearance as whoever because comics.

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1 hour ago, Matt Defis said:

Might we actually see him in the suit finally?


The press release does make a point of seeing him as Clark Kent 10 years on.  I'm guessing he'll skip the suit once again. Hopefully I'm wrong, it would be fun to finally see him suited up. 

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15 hours ago, sandman said:

I would have thought Rosenbaum would do it for free as he needs the exposure. 


Nah. Whenever possible, anyone offering to ‘pay you with publicity’ should be told to fuck off. Thankfully, it sounds like he’s built enough of a life for himself to be able to do just that. 

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On 25/09/2019 at 19:53, sandman said:

I would have thought Rosenbaum would do it for free as he needs the exposure. Despite rave reviews for his portrayal of LL his career didn't go anywhere. I've never seen him in anything else


He was in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2. And does a good amount of voice work for animated stuff. And as someone also mentioned he has a very good podcast called Inside of You. 


Just because he's not in every big AAA movie or TV event doesn't mean the man ain't working. 

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