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i thought there was supposed to be one more season after this or am i wrong?

Yeah it probably get another season. Though not sure yet.

Well one bad episode is nothing to worry about. This season has been exceptional (for Smallville standards) and when Lana fucks off, it will get back to being good again.

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i thought this was the last season

it starting to get tired

Clark runs and questions somebody

its all your fault blah blah blah, if you hadnt have done that blah self righteous

Clark runs and questions somebody else

its all your fault blah blah blah, if you hadnt have done that blah self righteous

etc etc etc

and why is Lana back and why give her

super powers

i guess the grass wasnt greener outside Smallville

and before somebody harks Chun-Li, it looks shite

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New episode is OK, Oliver is in it which automatically makes it better.

And if Lana and Clarke were fucking so hard, why didn't they destroy the entire house and create a hole in the ground instead of breaking a creaky old bed?

Anyway, now Lana has gone its time to bring back Dooms and Lois and get back to where we left off before the mid season break.

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I'm coming in here even though I haven't seen it yet but please, please tell me it was a good episode and back on form?

To be fair, the entire season thus far has been on fine form - even by last season's standards, the last couple of episodes were decent.

For the forty minutes on this episode, I can't say I was anything less than entertained.

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reading through this thread before i watched it i thought Lana was going to


, i was a bit upset when she didnt

pretty decent and good old self righteous was on top form

but Lex

couldnt have been in the van as its still the early years surely and Lex is in the Superman films

unless i've missed something and just pointed out the complete obvious

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Yeah its no spoiler but Lex has been in it since day 1. Quite a few heroes & villains have been too. The first few seasons were just oooh look a mutated person gone bad and Superman fights them, but lo! theyre standing in a field of kryptonite !(or some other shitty excuse) Superman is powerless!! how ever will he beat them? ad nauseum.

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First off YAY. Lana and clark cant be together! Amazing. Lana isn’t wonderwoman! Hurray!

I know Lana and Clark have super powers but they also have fingerprints right? Turning upto a crime scene thats still be searched and touching everything without gloves?

You would think that if they are trying to appeal to an adult audience especially after 8 years that they could come up with something better than a toy maker as a villain. I mean really were Toys R Us meant to be sponsoring this episode?

And just how did Lex get that bomb built on the roof? Thats a lot of gubbins for the toy maker to carry past security.

Good thing is Lex may have saved this show. Shes gone, i cant believe shes gone....no more heart felt speeches, no more fake love story or shoddy acting. Role on S9!

Oliver might have crossed a line but hes still awesome. They best not get rid of him. as for Lex its obvious he aint dead as they haven’t gone down the president route with him yet which was shown in S1. I give Clark 2 episodes before hes humping Lois. But what a fantastic ending, Welling looked like he was going to puke all over her, he even turned green!

In fact I think that was THE best episode of Smallville ever.

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