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Banjo Kazooie: Nuts N Bolts

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1 hour ago, McCoy said:

Always a game I felt got unfairly hated on because of what is wasn't - a traditional sequel. 


It is, however, a fantastic game and a great game to look at. A shame it didn't perform very well so we never got any of the hinted at DLC. 


You could be properly inventive in some of the challenges. Don't want to race conventionally, just create a battleship and blow everyone else apart!

Every sensible person knows it's the best Banjo game by far. Arguably Rare's best overall. Instead of churning out another second rate platformer to stand alongside all the rest in Nintendo's thicc shadow, they made one of the most in inventive games of the 360 era. The world needs a Nuts & Bolts 2 asap.





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One of gaming's highest moments and one of gamers' lowest. A couragous, inventive game made by a loved company, slammed by gamers because it wasn't a 'proper' sequel to a dated platforming collectathon. 

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15 hours ago, carlospie said:

This game is AMAZING. graphically it still holds up so well and the gameplay is fun. Odd because I hated it first time round 

It's one of the enhanced games on one x and series x, runs at close to 4k or something like that and looks absolutely stunning. 


I'd love a sequel, take out the banjo kazooie shite if need be to keep the weird fans quiet. 

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