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Banjo Kazooie: Nuts N Bolts

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My daughter thought the trailer was very funny (she's 9 so give her a break) and then suggested we got out the N64 to play it. In the end we put on Banjo-Tooie. My god, my eyes....my head....nausea after 5 minutes.

I don't remember the frame rate being that bad! After a while I was kind of readjusting but going back to the N64 after the Cube, 360 and the rest. It was bloody painful.

Funnily enough, thebigboss and I hooked up my N64 today and most things looked horrible. I do have a 42" HD screen now though and think they would look alright still on my 21" CRT.

I did get used to Perfect Dark after about 5 mins to be honest.

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Ah, Banjo Kazooie... Always puts me in mind of a drunken midnight argument with Venice Cull and Phelan after my first Edge meet. I was waxing lyrical about the virtues of the game, saying I enjoyed it more than Mario 64, and they were calling me insane.

Ah, memories...

I never bothered with Tooie, but BK was perhaps my favourite game on the N64. I loved the Egyptian world, and the race down the Giant Snowman. Great stuff! Also, and Mario Sunshine should have used this, the evil shark that wouldn't let you leave Treasure Trove Cove or whatever it was called. Great touch.

I do hope this is good.

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They gave it an 8.

That's why I couldn't believe they gave it a six. :(

Seriously though, irrc, it was one of those where the text and score didn't quite match up. They seemed exceptionally negative about it. I just couldn't fathom it because I thought it was a wonderful, charming game.

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That'd be amazing! :(

One reason I'm getting a Wii is so that I can download the original Banjo (hopefully it's available)

Chances are near zero since Rare own the IP and now there's this (360 title)

I never 'got' 3D platformers. I found them all boring.

DK64 was good looking for it's day (and the N64), and I can't remember it having frame rate problems, either. But nowadays I wouldn't give it 5 minutes of my time with the shocking gameplay.

Mario 3D is the same.

Are you saying Mario 64 is as bad as DK 64? :(

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I've never played either of the Banjo games, but I'm looking forward to this. And it now looks like MS is getting some decent franchises to keep Master Chief company, what with Splinter Cell going exclusive with the next game after Double Agent.

I have this image of Master Chief, Sam Fisher and Banjo/Kazooie having drinks in their own private lounge in my head now.

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