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Edge 168 - Scores & Info


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Okay, landed on my desk at work.

Just Cause: 7

Broken Sword: The Angel Of Death: 6

Company Of Heroes: 9

Reservoir Dogs: 3

Mercury Meltdown: 7

Deep Labyrinth: 4

Defcon: 7

Ridge Racer 2: 7

Bomberman: Act Zero: 3

Bounty Hounds: 6

Scurge Hive: 4

Time Extend: Captive

Making Of: Toejam & Earl

Articles: Strangelhold, Motor Storm, Co-op gaming, history of console launches

And a big supplement about working in the games industry. (I've not opened it yet, but I think every page should just be blank except for the word "DON'T" in huge letter.)

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Any decent previews?

The Darkness

Splinter Cell

Unreal Tournament 2007

Guitar Hero 2

Tony Hawk Project 8


Destroy All Humans 2

Rainbow Six Vegas

Half-Life Episode 2


Canis Canem Edit

Call of Duty 3

Tingle RPG

Phantasy Star Universe

Ford Street Racing: LA Duel

The Chikyuu Boueigun X

Onechambara Vortex

Are they trying to make amends for the last Broken Sword review? Word is, it's better than the BS3. :)

It says it's "hard to dislike" but "easy to discard", which is Edge speak for "s'allright", I think.

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Time Extend: Captive

Somebody on here had a great story, which I can't find, about painstakingly making his way to the end of this game over hours and days, working his way deeper and deeper towards the end of the game. Eventually, he opens a cell door, to find a bloke inside, who moves towards him suddenly. The player is taken by surprise, and with a reflex action shoots off a couple of bullets, killing the captive stone dead.


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Just Cause: 7


Great news this. Considering the vocal haters of the game were painting an ever bleaker picture, I'm really pleased Edge have come out for it with a well above average score.

It's not many games which inspire "GOTY" nominations from some, and "pure shit" comments from others, so it does seem like one of those games which you either click with, or not.

The annoying thing is, the postal service has gone and lost my order and Amazon are making me wait a bit longer until they ship a replacement :(

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That motorstorm article has made it the second racing game I have ever ever actually looked forward to playing.

The only other one was ridgeracer on the PS1.

I just can't stand the humdrum, form ordely lines round a narrow track, sort of shite that driving games normally require.

All the stuff about taunts and open landscapes and overly aggressive pile ups make it sound very interesting.

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