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Lost Odyssey


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Next-gen.biz certainly seems impressed.

"Well, I have seen the demo of Lost Odyssey in action. The game is so very grown-up and pieced together with such seamless virtuousity that I really don't know what to say. I'm impressed as I've ever been with a videogame. It is beautiful. I'm about as excited about it now, as a fully functioning (really), independent adult, as I was excited about Final Fantasy VII as a college student, as I was about Final Fantasy IV as much younger man. I look forward to this game.

Seeing (and playing) is believing, and I am a believer in Lost Odyssey. My immediate judgment is a belief that it will sell this console to at least a million Japanese gamers. And Microsoft must think so too –it’s going to make sure this game is everywhere. It will be featured most prominently at the company’s booth at Tokyo Game Show, and, if its promise to host all show-floor demos on Xbox Live holds true, that should mean this game's demo will be available for download next Wednesday night."

These impressions are backed up by that Che guy (previously seen on 1UP) who said: "I played the TGS demo yesterday after all the hoopla and let me just say that for once in his life, Tim Rogers knows what he's talking about."


"So I checked out the first 15 action-packed minutes of the nearly hour long Lost Odyssey TGS demo yesterday and I was completely blindsided by how f'ing awesome this game looks and feels (in the emotion stirring sense).

I don't know if this game is going to "steal TGS" or sell a million Xbox 360s in Japan, but goddamn it is an impressive piece of work that will turn a lot of heads. Takehiko Inoue's art direction has taken on a maturity that goes even beyond his work in Vagabond, and seeing it in motion in both the CG and real-time graphics makes me think that his future isn't in manga but rather in 3D and games.

But what really got to me beyond the FF-style combat vs. like 1000 enemies and seamless integration of real-time and CG graphics is the way Lost Odyssey conveys a sense a mystery around its main character (who apparently is immortal). I walked away from the demo immediately wanting to know more about the game's scenario -- hero, villains, f'ed up world, everything.

I haven't played a J-RPG and haven't wanted to play one since... shit, I can't even remember, and now I suddenly can't wait for Mistwalker to finish the damn game. :)"

He also seemed impressed with Blue Dragon:

"Blue Dragon is good. Graphics are simplistic and clean, but it suits Toriyama's style perfectly and the quality of the models combined with the post-effects happening onscreen really make this game look almost CG in real-time. Gameplay-wise, there are some pretty major twists and I certainly don't want to give anything away, but if you love Dragon's Quest style JRPGs, this is going to be a real beast. The game also feels very lengthy. That's all I can say without getting Tenchu'ed."

When asked about how it compares to LO: "Totally different styles, both games look very next-gen.

In-game graphics in LO look shockingly close to CG. when the movie transitioned into gameplay, the seamlessness with which it happened literally shot chills down my spine. I was like, WTF...."

So... Could these games shift huge numbers of 360's in Japan?

Will be interesting to find out. One thing's for sure though: TGS is gonna be one hell of a show.

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PS3 port in 6 months methinks.

Imagine making something amazing and barely any people buying it :wacko: you'd be gutted!

If MS haven't got this as an 2nd party exclusive, then they might as well give up now. Certainly sounds interesting, and I'm not even a fan of JRPGS.

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It's coming finally ! Famitsu just revealed a lot of informations about Lost Odyssey, the game engine, the combat system and the playable demo, as well as an awesome screenshot. See more in the news.

Update : Full scans added!

The game engine will run at 30 fps, and the character models for the movies are almost identical to the realtime models, which have been checked closely by Inoue, the character designer. We also learn the game will use a command menu driven interface for the combats, we'll get the powers of any enemy defeated, and there'll be no game over, as the main character is immortal. At least, a few words about the demo. It will be available in Japan in early November, it will last about one hour and won't feature anything but the most basic parts of the combat system. No character growth system as well. We can't wait to grab you videos of the game next week, at TGS.

- Xboxyde, they also have a scan from the mag.

Also found this when trying to find some more Lost Odyssey info. That screenshot look really nice. Didn't really warrant its own thread though :]

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.::: Lost Oddysey looks a lot like FFX. And that's not exactly a feature to me...

Considering Enchanted Arms list of colelcted RPG improvements, I'm very curious as to what LO will incorporate. I'm afraid Sakaguchi's involvement might actually be holding it back in a way...

As for Blue Dragon, after months of showing no progress at all and recycling the same footage and the involvement of Artoon, I've more or less given up on the game. I do hope it can surprise me, but I'm not counting on it anymore.

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Am at work so cant go on YT. But if it's the one am thinking of it switches halfway through to gameplay. I didn’t even notice at first it's so seamless. :wacko:

I've just watched it, and the switch is indeed absolutely seamless. The turn based battle and the scenes directly bookending it are all rendered in real time, but the video begins and ends with CGI.

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