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Right Im in two minds about whether to Import or not.....

I am not too fussed about the poor Pal versions of a lot of the Virtual Console games as I largely intend to buy games that I never played the 1st time around so to me there wont be other versions to complain about inferior speeds/borders (apart from Waverace64)- So I should stick with a Pal Wii right??

What does bug me is the different release schedules, we Europeans always get screwed by Nintendo in terms of waiting longer and getting fewer games- So I should get an US Wii right??

But what about online play, is the Wii like the DS in that it allows online play across differrent territories so that I can play my PAL Wii owning mates, or will I be stuck with playing against obnoxious Yanks if I decide on an import Wii??

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Getting 30 or 40 hours per set.

Just gone through my first set of batteries. Checked the toal time logged in the wii dashboard and it worked out I got 45 hours worth of play out of them (35 of which is Zelda time ;)).

Not bad at all, but still I just want to be able to plug in the Wiimote to charge it rather than replace the batteries everytime.

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I'm not bothered about waiting times, but if it turns out that America get loads of games we don't get at all, then I might consider importing one in the future.

My point of view too - I don't have enough time to play a lot of games so happy to wait while I play the ones I already have!

And importing will only get easier and cheaper as time goes on - maybe I'll import a funky coloured one!

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Is anyone still waiting for their VG+ order?

I'm still waiting at around number 10 in their Queue.

I'm slowly getting impatient now..

Mind you, I've heard that the UK is no better off.

I'm still here Bri, number 9 and waiting.

There was a batch sent out this week, and they're predicting one next week too. Fingers crossed it's a batch of 10.

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Hello Dean,

We are emailing you today to inform you that after our fifth batch of Wii’s you are now #7 in Queue to receive a Nintendo Wii. Currently we have no ETA on our next Wii shipment, as soon as we do get new updated information from our suppliers we will post the info on our blog at http://vgplus.blogspot.com/ . You will receive additional email when your order will be shipping and your order will be updated to "Wii Processing No Cancellation" Status when it is confirmed to be shipping out in the next batch.




Customer Service Representative

So they got 2 in stock this week.


Now Burning Crusade is out, I'm not even sure I'll get too much time on the thing once it arrives. Pah...

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I think VG+ are the dogs bollocks.

I didn't mind waiting on principle alone.

Yup. Whenever I've asked if they have something second hand that ain't on the site, they've always been able to get me one, or at least give me a bit more discount on said product new.

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