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Destiny: FIN

Gorf King

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Muz is this a different group from Lim's raid?

To be honest I always forget to check the online folder... Sorry!

Looks like that group is full so yeah happy to have people join. We usually complete a run in about half an hour (provided no mistakes/glitches) legit so we might be able to get multiple runs in if everyone can hang around

Chuck mate I wasn't sure if your post meant you are in for the raid?

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Nightfall this week really is a piece of pish - the last two bosses in particular taking about 20 seconds to kill (if you're slow, like me). I know we've had this strike/burn combo before, but it's still a nice change coming straight after that big armoured bugger last week - ran it three times in not much more time than it took to do over Judge Dredd In Space just the once (though to be fair, that wasn't too bad itself - it's just that this is a (very brief) stroll in the park).


I love you, Sepiks Prime. x

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3 Crota raids done today - no weapons or exotics but I got the remaining armour I need to get all 3 characters to 32, can't say fairer than that.

Also done my 3 nightfalls and heroic strikes, got some coins, coins & a shit legendary launcher which I swiftly scrapped. That's me till next Tuesday folks. ????

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Well, raid done, and about to do it again with Muz, becuase it's fun. :) Also did the nightfall and only got ascendant energy from it. <_< The raid gave me a load of shards, new boots with discipline after I'd already fully levelled the ones with full intellect, No Land Beyond... and DEATHSINGER'S GAZE!!!


I'm the Witch King of Angmar!! :D

Cheers for the help chaps... Timing for the bridge section seemed really off but it was pretty smooth pretty quick and second chest first time before people called it a night was good. Everyone good to finish it tomorrow? Maybe a bit earlier around 9ish?
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Quite a productive night. The Nightfall gave me a Last Word. So I was quite glad I didn't buy it at the weekend after all. Then the Raid gave me, erm, another Last Word. But, hey, it's an Exotic Shard at least. Then the radiant doodads from the Raid, combined with giving Eris a bunch of Glimmer and Black Wax Idols, finally got me to 32.

I'm going for the baddie from He-Man look.


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