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Destiny: FIN

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Double bounty trick??

Can only do it with one character per day.

Log in just before the daily reset and get to the tower (when i have done it I load up about 8:50am), 9am (UK) the bounties will show up at vendors (not all of them weirdly, sometimes you only get a couple).

Grab the bounties, complete the bounties, go back to tower hand em in.

Now log out, log back in go to the tower and voila, bounties appear again.

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Randomly ran into bobbyinternet over the weekend whilst revisiting a few story missions; for the most part I've been playing solo and my player level's still somewhere in the teens, but it was nice to see another mukker and run about the place. :) I've only just bothered signing up to PS+ so I'm still discovering all of the new stuff. :P

I'm about level 16 at the moment after getting this for Christmas- add me if you want to team up for some stuff, PSN name RetroguyUK. I've hardly got any friends on PSN at the moment and need some people to party up with!

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X3 crota runs today & apart from the titan chest I only got shards. :/ Although I now have enough to take my titan & warlock to 32 so that's ok. Feel my hunter is going to be 31 a while.

Other drops....

Nightfall 1 (hunter) - Another pair of ruin wings

Nightfall 2 - (warlock) 10 ascendant shards

Nightfall 3 (titan) - TBC

Edit: got universal remote 2.0 from an engram from heroic. :/

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Finished the vanilla campaign with my Titan yesterday (I don't have any expansions yet so maybe that's something for later.) The fancy new rifle I received afterwards seems kind of nice though, and I only finished at level 19 so I know I still have a ton of other stuff to look forward to. I've already had a lot of fun though - I look forward to future shenanigans. :)

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If anyone is available for nightfall I'll be on in a bit. Really need the rep boost from it more than anything as I need rank 4 with Eris for the shards - 3372 rep atm.

Only just got back from my interview - god knows if I'll get it, but it will be 16 hours minimum apparently, so that's something at least (if I get it no more jobcentre shit).

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