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Gorf King

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Now the Destiny (2) hype in full effect, maybe this is of some interest to you:




To some people at Bungie, this felt like a necessary hail Mary, the type of last-minute drastic play that was oh so common in game development just as a project was nearing completion," Schreier writes.

"To others, including Joe Staten [former Bungie writer], it felt like suicide. '[Joe] made a big push for sanity and rationality,' said one former Bungie employee. 'He basically said, 'People, the supercut can be saved, [but] if we try to re-create the game in six months, it's going to make a lot of people miserable.' Staten's efforts failed, though, and by the end of the summer, he was gone.

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I'm reading that Jason Schreier book at the moment, and it's pretty good. It's a pretty high-level account of the development of Halo Wars, Witcher 3, Shovel Knight, Diablo 3 and some other games; it's clearly written for a general audience as there are lots of ground-up explanations of the game genres he's covering, but it's extremely readable and there are some fascinating stories in there. The Destiny chapter is an expansion of that big Kotaku article about the production of the game, but there's a lot of new insight in there.


There's one section in particular that offers up some insight into why Peter Dinklage's voice acting is so flat in the game. It sounds like a combination of last minute changes and an accelerated schedule, so that after they ripped up the entire story and started again, Marty O'Donnell was faced with having to record a thousand lines of dialogue in a single four hour session with Dinklage, which is nearly four a minute. There's no way in a million years you'd be able to get any kind of meaning into the dialogue at that rate, even if it's not stuff like "We're headed towards the grave... the World's Grave, that is! Not ours" or "That wizard came from the moon".


They also recorded dialogue from Dinklage for the Dark Below and House of Wolves, but ripped it all out.

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I am house-sitting all weekend, so am taking an old PS3 with me along with a copy of Destiny and TLOU (which I've never played).


Destiny on the PS3 folks!


I must've last played this before I got an Xbox One, I think my character was level 34 or something. I'm quite looking forward to going to all the places that I loved in Destiny 1. I sold D2 as they had pushed the "let's make this as psychologically addictive as possible" factor to a scary level. I got out before I was sucked in too deep. I'm planning on trying to raise my character's level, just exploring, and playing some good crucible games.


I jumped in to a 6v6 control match last night to make sure everything is working, and had some fun, quite a few people playing too. I was quite surprised how good it still looked too. Only the resolution being bad.


I'm looking forward to it, I miss Destiny and I also have a perverse interest in going online in really old games (hmm, possible thread).

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We hit Crota's End and Kingsfall last night for a combo of nostalgia, and to take one of our D2 group through for the first time.


They're still great!


Crota was very brief indeed, we raced through it nearly as quickly as the old days. Kingsfall obviously takes a little longer (and the ships and dick wall are still hilarious) but the encounters are all still fun - even if a little too easy on normal when everyone's at 400 Light.


I recommend everyone goes back and tries them.

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It's fine. Working it out wasn't - I still think the the 'solution' to beating Oryx is the most bitty and irrational one in the whole of Destiny canon - but once you've worked it out, the execution itself is fun to do. The main thing, though, is just how well that boss dies. After all the effort to crack it the first time, to see his chest explode in a burst of corrupted light and him spin off, a blackened husk, into the void was one of the most satisfying bad guy death payoffs I've ever had in a video game. It still felt great last night even though the whole thing was a pushover.


VoG might have been the miracle that saved the vanilla game and showed persistent players that the series had more potential than we'd imagined, but King's Fall and Last Wish are the spine of what became of that promise. Everything else of real value is built on their foundations. Connected by strong lore and narrative tissue, but more than that, ambitious and almost cinematic in scope, journeys into a core sci-fi/fantasy experience that other online co-op games just can't rival. 


I hope D3 fucks off all the little sideshows and tinpot empires and gets right to the dark heart of the matter again. A trip through Savathûn's hall of dark mirrors, fighting through a labyrinth of illusions, is just what we need. Wall of vaginas optional.

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