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Crisp hall of fame


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Got some Gourmet Pringles on special offer at Asda. They're actually noticably worse than normal Pringles :) .

Anyway, I don't get on with crisps I'm afraid. So..

1, 2 and 3. Pork scratchings.

4. Cheese and tomato flavour... God only knows.. light, puffy little things I used to have at school. If anyone can remember the name :) .

5. Mini popadums.

6. Olives.

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Yeah, pringles gourmet are rubbish. Doesn't matter how you phrase it, 'cracked black pepper and sea salt' is just salt and pepper, and that's not an acceptable crisp flavour.

Other Hall of Shame nominees:

Walkers Sensations Thai & Lime. They smell, and taste, like lemon merangue. Not crisps.

any kettle chips - greasy and just Not Nice

Hall of Fame:

Beef and mustard Brannigans

Cheddar and onion McCoys (runner up: Ready Salty)

Praire Wheels (5p packets of S&V crisps so astringent they'd cause 3rd degree burns to the roof of your mouth)

Fish and chips - cheap, wonderfully horrid and eternally linked with Farmfoods.

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3. Roast Beef Monster Munch

Used to be amazing -- Monster Munch is a shadow of it's former self.

Kettle Tortillas

Worcester Sauce Twiglets (the most heavily flavoured crisp-like snack ever)

Twisty Wotsits

Tangy Toms

All Brannigans (it's Ham and Mustard anyway, not Beef. I think.)

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without reasons this is just a dull list and is liable to end up on channel 4 at 9pm as filler while they wait for BB to start up again..

So I'll nominate hula hoops and old style monster munch. Crisps that you can actually stick onto each finger and thumb and then eat at your leisure. Genius that is.

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All Brannigans (it's Ham and Mustard anyway, not Beef. I think.)

Nah, ham&pickle, beef&mustard IIRC.

S&V discos are fucking awesome. They're my driving crisps - partnered with a chocolate orange bar, they're amazing. I only ever eat them when I'm behind the wheel of a car, for some reason.

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You philistines.

Taytos. Cheese & Onion or Salt & Vinegar.

Sex in a bag.

Salt and Vinegar is good but at times I would be just as happy with a Golden Wonder. The Cheese and Onion is in another world man, just insanely good.

But do you mean the ones from the north or south? The southern crisps have a, I think, better taste. They're just a little bit less strong and the crisps themselves nicer.

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My ideal job would have been chief taster for Walker's Crisps

However, the very best crisps are as follows:

Nik Naks Nice n Spicy

Nik Naks Dirty Knickers Scampi n Lemon

Wheat Crunchies Worcester Sauce

Walkers Cheese and Onion

Golden Wonder Cheese and Onion (pre-new recipe)

Seabrook Prawn Cocktail

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NIk naks yeah! I just used to suck all the flavour off them then eat them, in fact i do that with every crips, like all the flavour then eat teh soggy crisp. In primary school what we used to do was by liek 3 packs, crush tehm all up pour into one big bag then pour down our gobs! You'd get locked up for such blatant junk food consumption now

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I'm surprised that no-one's mentioned Walker's Salt and Vinegar (they haven't, have they?). Other pretenders come and go but these will always be great. Definitely my desert island crisps.

Honourable mentions go to:

Bacon Taytos

Cheese and Onion Square Crisps

Chilli McCoys

Jonathan Crisp Jalapeno flavour

And one from the vault - Cheese and Bacon Say Cheese!

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