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Cat and Mouse is where you have teams of 2, 1 Mini and 1 Supercar. The first team to get their Mini over the finish wins. As you can imagine it becomes an exercise in dodging oncoming Supercars and is f**king amazing fun.
What is Cat and Mouse?

SOme of the funniest/best times I've had online was cat and house.

EDIT. I said HOUSE. Lol.

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Yeah, we're not short of a game or two at the moment. I've barely started Hot Shots Golf on PS3 and now PGR4! Still, I have this on the coffee table, just waiting for the missus to finish Ugly Betty.

Damn you, females!!

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So anyone who's played it getting any old MSR vibes?

I haven't fired up MSR or even PGR2 for a good while but I'm pretty sure there are shades of gameplay from both , more the handling and tracks from 2 (besides there being a few updated tracks in there from 3, they along with Quebec and St Petersburg especially, are all PGR2 ) and less so the slightly confusing yet great/rewarding progression from MSR.

It definitely shows up PGR and PGR3 for being the less faithfull of what Bizzare had in mind if this is what they are going out on (unless we do get a multi platform PGR5)

The bikes are great in the 'right' race btw.

Either way they've done good.

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It has the PGR2 feeling. Obviously, and right from the start.

But god I'm bad.

I've got this too, it's damn fine.

I've added a few people here, if that's ok?

Haven't got gold live at the moment, but should have soon.

Be nce to see just how poor I am.

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Gforce in glasgow is selling this already, it seems to be the US version but with a PEGI certificate stuck over the US ratings symbol. But it's £45 so I avoided.

I just got trade-in prices so bad I'll never reveal them. Felt a bit sorry for the kid in the queue behind me looking forward to trading in FIFA 08 towards a new PS3 :wub: Still, I couldn't afford an outright purchase and it won't be much cheaper elsewhere next week.

Now all I need is for this headache to disappear so I can get presentable at it before everyone on my friends list gets it.

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