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Boot fairing 9th/10th


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Well someone else apart from me must've gone! :ph34r:

Not that much, went to 4 different ones and got: LINK


StarCraft Battlechest £1

Jane's Apache Longbow £1.45

Ghosthouse (Master System house) £1

Castlevania 2 (GB) £2

Metal Gear, Double Dragon 3, Swords and Serpents and Bionic Commando (NES) £5 the lot

Megadrive with leads/pads etc with Robocop & Terminator, T2, Terminator, Judge Dredd and Crash Dummies £2 the lot (for shrimphead as he wanted a cheap MD)

that was it!

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Some nice NES stuff there!

Blimey O'Reilly! It was absolutely scorchio today! Have just got back, left at 6am, although that includes a stop for some lunch.

All 4 booters were HUGE! I think it must have been the guaranteed ncie weather mixed with people thinking this might be the last chance to have a clearout summer 2006!

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Had some good hauls this weekend!

Pics to come, the camera is charging.


PS1 Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer £2

Mega Drive MK1 With leads, 6-button pad and 7-8 boxed games, including Lion King, Jungle Book, hook, Micro machines, SF Champ edition: £10

Boxed minty playstation with all inners ect, pad, 3 memory cards, metal gear solid guide book and 29 games including Final Fantasy 7, Discworld noir, Lemmings 3D, Lemmings and oh no! More lemmings, Silent hill, Metal gear Solid, Pandemonium 1 and 2, theme hospital, medievil and bomberman: £30

CD-ROM Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis talkie edition: £2



Boxed Atari Lynx with boxed games including Ninja Gaiden, Kung Food, Toki, Desert strike and Batman returns: £15 (a little dear I know but I couldn't resist)

PS1 Point Blank 2: £2

Sega Saturn with boxed 3D pad and nights(complete), boxed gun with virtua cop 1(complete) and another boxed gun with virtua cop 2(complete) and 5-6 other games including resident evil, Alien trlogy, the usual: £13.50

PS1 Resident evil 2 and worms armageddon: 50p each


Very happy, especially with the Saturn. Been looking for Nights and the pad for ages!

The car boots were packed as well! I sense it was the last real big one before the end of the season.

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Some excellent finds there Fizzycat - well done!

I managed to bag FF VIII and XI black release PS1 games along with Crash Team Racing for 5 quid.

Also a Boxed Amiga 500 for 5 quid, Game Gear and Master System Game Player for 3 quid and a Boxed DC + Controller for 10 quid.

Took 3-4 hours of walking round though, and the Amiga was bloody heavy!

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Megadrive 1 boxed / Minty £3

Final Fantasy VII £2

Sega Saturn MK2 + Leads / Pad and the following games - Paradios, sonic jam, sega ages plus some sports games £4.50 :blink:

Non games

Wooden Ikea chest/box £6

Nice set of sony speakers to finish my surround system £6

Epson printer/scanner £5

Man on fire/house of flying daggers/brotherhood/free enterprsie DVD's £2.50 the lot

Siemens Coffee machine designed by porsche £3

Couple of camera mobiles £12 the pair

WTF find

R2 Boxed complete Hong Kong edition of LEON : Integral Version (Uncut version) £2.50 ;)) :lol:) :lol:)

Plus more

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