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Keep it simple and clean 1 post each children




General roles:

Area of space:



Raane Thyandar

PIE Inc.

Shooting minnies

Domain, Kador and Tash Murkon with forays into Minniestan.

Danute Glashamir

Native Freshfoods

Being a little mining bitch

Domain, Tash Murkon

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Name: Viviane Ambre

Corp/Alliance: Apple Corp / None

General Roles: Missioning, being fairly average

Area of Space: Lonetrek

Generally I'm wondering if I can afford a BS, even though it'll probably have to wait until I've trained a bunch of more immediately useful stuff such as some T2 guns and upping my drone skills.

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Name: Gorf King

Corp/Alliance: Apple Corp [AAPL]/None

General roles: Strategic planning (sitting in station daydreaming); Communications Director (sitting in station and spamming forums/contracting bankrupt voice server companies); Refinery Operative (sitting in station and processing junk); Fleet Acquisition (sitting in station and buying junk); Fleet Disposal (leaving station and leading ops); Diplomatic Envoy (trying to attract locals' attention in 0.0 and asking desperately if they remember me from a few months back when I had a shitload of battleships backing me up in the hope they don't forcibly remind me that I'm better at Fleet Disposal than Diplomacy); Making Up Roles (sitting in station posting to web forums - see also Communications Director).

Area of space: Wherever I lay my HAC. Chortle.

Comment: Could do better.

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Name: Mos Panor

Corp/Alliance: PIE Inc - Amarr roleplay corp.

General roles: Captain and Internal Communications Officer. I help run the forums, which is pretty much all I'm doing lately.

Area of space: Amarr. Spent a while organising my assets, getting everything central, but haven't branched out and found a 'home' yet other than the central systems.

Pretty inactive at the moment, but have never really found a solid amount of time to learn all the intricacies. Gonna try and do some more of the cosmos missions at some stage, and then branch out into 0.0, as well as getting stuck into some of the wars we have going at the moment.

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Name: Jimmeh Rob (formally Takumi Vetinari, long story)

Corp/Alliance: Odessa Heavy Industries / none

General Roles: Diplomatic Relations. I have a silver tongue, and rather enjoy engaging people in wordplay. There's simply nothing like sending a well mannered character assassination of your enemy in an evemail, only to see him reply with "... lol stfu noob die". The sweat running down their forehead in frenzied misconprehension is almost tangible.

Area of space: We've been mostly based in Providence these last couple of months, but have moved up into Tash-Murkon recently as we re-assess our post-0.0 fallback. I don't have the luxury of the corp Amarr agents though, so I mission up on Lonetrek.

Odessa, the GHZ corporation, is in a bit of a transient state at the moment, whilst we move back from 0.0 and re-establish corp goals. There's so much to do in EVE that you're sometimes at a loss as to which direction to take.

Pretty inactive myself at the moment, I struggle to maintain mommentum when I don't have an explicit aim to work towards. Have just finished the marathon advanced learning thing, so am busy working on my raven skills now.

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Name: Callia

Corp/Alliance: Wasabi Inc. - 3rd Front

General roles: Dispirited with Alliance shit I freelance and do as I please these days. I have a awful lot of skill points and can do a lot of different things.

Area of space: Kaunokka and Motsu when mission running. Ship Collection is in Renyn. Alliance things happen in and near Y4Y constellation in Syndicate.

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Name: sitai fan

Corp/Alliance: Apple/None

Genral Roles: Being inept and asking many questions :(

Area of Space: Lonetrek

Just joined Apple Corp and I'm loving every minute of it, I've done more stuff with them in a week than I would have done in two months with my old corp.

(there I've said it, can I have my billion isk now Gorf? :P )

-Seriously though they are a good lot, have not booted my out for asking too many questions.....yet. :(

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Name:- Aragorn Angelus

Corp/Alliance Apple/None

General Roles Dying very Quickly, Asking way too many Stupid Questions, Begging for help and did I mention dying :angry:

Area Of Space Lonetrek

Only joined the corp 3 weeks ago and it has been great fun, have recieved some great advice from all

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Guest Atomic Wasp

Name: Atomic Wasp (it's a rugby thing partly and bastardised from my old gaming alias)

Corp/Alliance: None currently, though I am writing my CV to apply for new jobs, just like my real life. :)

General Roles: Hauling loads of stuff around (in my Iteron V) and learning lots of skills.

Area of Space: Lonetrek

Signed up on EVE last year some time a few weeks after Mr Supercool convinced me to do so on one of the free trial jobbies (still have the CD somewhere in a stack). Played for about 9 months and then got bored and decided to go out of the house so cancelled my subs. In that time I managed to get some nice kit and a few million isk, which was good fun.

Rejoined a month or 2 ago to the old corp/clan I was in, Children of Avalon, but they are boring these days as all the cool people left. No one wants to talk about interesting things or weren't there, so my discussions on pie fillings and sci-fi books etc. went unanswered. So on a corp hunt and Mr Supercool directed me here.

Crikey that's the most I've written in ages. :P

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Name: Grimdoomsday

Corp/Alliance: god knows (Notorious corp hopper XD)

General Roles: random piracy/anti-piracy, ratting. whatever

Area of Space: placid/ cloud ring atm might move on.

currently flying droneships, domi/vex... maxing out my tanking skills before i hop into another mega. 6m sp in gunnery and 6m in spaceship command, and fuck all in support skills :S

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Name: Krohn Anen

Corp/Alliance: The one your stuck in at the start/None

General roles: Cannon fodder

Area of space: Buzzing around, Korama based at the mo

Dipping in and out, still flying level 1 missions in my Punisher and levelling weapon and energy skills in the hope of being able to run easy missions without running out of cap.

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