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yeap - I did.


Very nicely designed though... but... WTF?! It seems very Japanese to me...

and why oh why don't Nintendo make better use of their own message system? Why do I need to go into a tool to find out todays lucky number or whatever... I've got the channel downloaded, I've set up my DOB, so MESSAGE ME so I get a nice blue light. Perhaps not every day - but maybe once a week, a breakdown of how the week is going to pan out

The channels' not for me... but it's another facepalm moment of how things could have been done much better with some simple improvements.

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It's amusing how it supposed to be using mysticism and shit to give you life hints based on you D.O.B. but warns you not to eat suggested foods if you have an allergy to them! Surely it should know that!

Considering there's no option to tell it if you're a vegetarian or eat halal, I think this'll infuriate some people even with the warning.

I liked the 'please employ common sense' warning with the activity suggestions though. :quote: They should put that one in the Wii boot-up.

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I would expect some kind of price drop in the UK. Nintendo have apparently signed... wait for it... Ant and Dec to front their "largest ever marketing campaign" as from October. Oh, and they're not just involved in promoting Nintendo, this deal involved DESIGNING GAMES TOO!!!!

Anyway, this campaign would tie into a price cut- £150 could be right, but it wouldn't surprise me if they even dropped it a bit lower, maybe even £140.

I tell you what's disappointing- if they do drop the price, Nintendo have a grand total of TWO games, developed by them, for release this Christmas- Wii Fit Plus and New Super Mario Bros Wii. What on earth are their developers working on!?!!? And why not release ExciteBots, if they've got fuck all else to release? Bah!!!

In saying that, at least there's lots of 3rd party published titles (of varying quality)- it's like the exact opposite of the N64/GC....

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So, this Friday in the States the Wii's going from $249.99 to $199.99.

What sort of price reduction will we get here?

Well, Argos are advertising £195 with Wii Sports as the current price*, so I'm guessing a negative one.

*The ads say that the console + Wii Sports is £195, then it comes with Mario Kart and a bunch of plastic tat "free".

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I've decided to sell my Wii before Xmas (for a variety of reasons) after completing NSMB. Are there any hidden gems that I should play before I do so?

kororinpa - first couple of hours are really enjoyable and then you get into the timed challenges on the levels you've already rolled through and it's pretty awesome. there is a sequel called something like "marbles balance challenge" but apparently the handling isn't as good as the first one. basically you tilt the course with the remote so the ball will roll around it. works really well, as far as i can remember it.

also y'know, no more heroes.

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