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Darren AND Scottcr are unable/unwilling to play chess! :lol:

Maybe there is something truth behind the Nintendo being kiddy and dumbed down stereotype after all....

:D It's true!

Well, you've got the little ones at the front which are called Buttons.

Then at the back you've got:








Stove Length





The Rough Pudding

Fourteen Muskets

Hairy Balloons

Umm... Is that enough?


You get a point for every piece with two syllables or less in the name if you can distract your opponent long enough to swipe them from the board. This must be accompanied by the sound effect 'Yoink' (or 'Poink' if you're playing Chinese rules.)

Twenty points if your opponent tries to touch your Hairy Balloons, at which time you may pat him on the head like Benny Hill does to his little bald fairy.

Thirty points for swallowing The Rough Pudding.

Daisy has a free go.

Shunt is wild.

No crossing the Jumpers.

If your Birthpipe jumps over their Stove Length then your Hartley becomes Twitchy.

The aim of the game is to clean up before Mum gets home.

But now I know! I'll be challenging Big Blue or whatever it's called before you can say Go Johnny Go Go Go Go.

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Just updated mine now. The update allows game discs to install their own channels on the console. Speculate away.

Wii Fit did that before. All my Wii said is that the Disc Channel icon will now tell you if a system update is needed.

Well, they said Mario Kart would have a channel for checking leaderboards and such. Maybe DLC? We can but hope.

I think the channel is in the game itself.

Isn't that a screenshot from the GC version of Zelda? The "A" is green. Or is this fact irrelevant?

It's the GC version.

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It's impressive in the fact you don't need to mod your console or buy an external SD reader. There is also a homebrew channel in the works, so you will only need to use the Zelda hack once, then use the channel to load things from your SD card.

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Anyone had to send a Wii back to Nintendo?

Mine is basically displaying "ERROR HAS OCCURED" everytime a disc is in, and also crashes when i get a VC game or whatever. Might try and send back today.

Just sucks wanna play some brawl and mario kart!!

Im hoping my VC stuff gets transferred...

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I've had to send mine back twice. First time was because component cables refused to work, second time was because of the graphics chip overheating. Ring them up and they send you a freepost label to use, and it gets sent back in about a week by DHL. If you want your VC games and saves transferred, put a note in the box asking for it, with the serial number of the machine and the repair number they give you on the phone.

EDIT- Also, if they do give you a new console with everything transferred, any Miis on the machine will tell you "You cannot edit any Miis you didn't create" if you try to edit them, as I found to my dismay after a haircut. :<

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