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1K Project 11


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Looks excellent. Says in the blurb it was done using Trackmania.


This was made by combining replays together, imagine playing the same map 1000 times a little bit differently each time then combining all of the replays.
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It made me smile. Alot. :)

But also made me wonder if Trackmania will ever be available on Live Arcade, just so I'd be able to play it with graphics as good as in the video. My PC can't compete (with what I assume is the top settings) with what was on show in that. :(.

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Averaging Gradius mentioned earlier.

Ah, thanks, I could only find a Quicktime link. These layered gameplay things are brilliant; I'd love to see more of them, or even have loads of us make an Rllmuk one :) Shame I don't know where to start (and the tutorial for the TNG one sounds too much like hard work :()

EDIT: Premiere has layer opacity options that work, but I don't know about the colour separation. Hmm.

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