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Resistance: Fall Of Man


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It does rather baffle me how the second game went so wrong. Not that it was a terrible game — it's a decent enough shooter for the most part — but in terms of plot, tone and visuals it seemed to ignore the good foundations laid by the first game almost entirely.

The peril of intensive development twinned with trying to be more Halo, I suppose.

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it's a decent enough shooter for the most part — but in terms of plot, tone and visuals it seemed to ignore the good foundations laid by the first game almost entirely.

Well blame SCEA's all powerful marketing dept and how they listen to focus group feedback like it's the word of God.

Case in point: them spending all that effort on those elaborate cut scenes, rather than sticking with the more effective rostrum camera with voiceover method of the first game. I ask you, how many thousands of man hours did that take away from the project that could have been better used elsewhere?


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Resistance 1 had a great atmosphere and was almost *just* there in terms of being a genuinely good game. It was certainly a step up from most playstation launch games. Its later levels are good looking even today

Resistance 2 though pissed it all up against the wall. Graphically good in places, horrendous in others and some horrific enemy AI. Still played to completion though and hoping Resistance 3 returns to its roots

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Sorry to bump an old thread. I picked this up cheap at the same time I bought my PS3 about a year and a half ago, but only got around to playing it the other weekend. The game is so-so, but I was blown away by the fact that the game starts in York, my home for the first umpteen years of my life. I wish I'd have known about this earlier!

Anyway, after spending a couple of hours scouring York trying to piece bits from the game to real-life locations, it got me thinking that I would love a collector's edition of this game, or a 'making of' video that talks about the research they did on locations, or to read any articles about the locations of the game. But I'm stumped. No collector's edition. Can't find any decent info about the locations or behind the scenes info. Can anyone who was more aware of this game than I think of anything that I can seek out?

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Well unless I've just missed the huge alien superstructure slap bang in the middle of Nottingham for the 35 years I've lived here, I'm going to go and say that they did no research bar pick places on a map and say that'll do.

Does York ingame look much like York? Could you find your old house?

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Nah, it was very much a handful of landmarks stitched together to feel like York. The two main ones would be the 'Bile Beans' painting on the end of one of the buildings at the very start of the game (although they changed the wording, but kept the logo...) and The Shambles (old-looking street once you fight your way through the first house you go into near the fountain), and then having Bars (the castle-looking things) dotted around - although I couldn't tell which ones they were supposed to be, so again it was a case of inspiration rather than recreating.

But on the whole, a lot of it 'felt' like York - they must have done *some* research, as even the rubbish bins on the streets are very similar to the ones that York has, albeit they are missing the lids :) I spent a long time looking for street signs, but there were none - but it did feel like waking up having lost my memory and trying to work out where I was supposed to be going... bits felt so familiar but never quite making sense.

Fucking hell, I'm feeling quite nostalgic now. Can't wait for Google to bring out some Super-Street-View.

Good game, going to have another go this weekend.

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Picked this up cheap a year ago and finally sat down to complete it the last few days.

I liked it. I thought it looked great on some stages.

However, i did think "oh christ, not another tunnel level" on a few occasions.

Had a quick go online as well, people are still playing it!

And over 4 years later people are still playing the online multiplayer. I've been playing it a fair bit over the last couple of weeks or so and its quite good. I find myself playing the bus yard level mostly. It was a bit strange going from Resistance 2 controls to 1 though as I just started the second game a few days ago. It's much stiffer in the first game and feels odd at first until you get used to it.

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