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Booting 26/27th

jon bda

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Everybodys Golf 2 - PS1 - 50p

Destruction Derby - PS1 - 75p

Resident Evil 2 - PS1 - £1

Beatmania Controller + Game - PS1 - In fantastic condition too and all boxed - 50p

Super Mario Kart Official RC Kart - All boxed and everything. Not seen one before and it looks like it was released when the SNES version came out - £1

Metal Gear Solid - PC - In a lovely big box and in mint condition - £3.50

Super Smash TV + Pit Fighter - MS - £1.50 for the both

Championship Manager 5 + Morrowind - X-Box - £3 for the both

I also found a Tetris Tower 3D tabletop game where you drop the pieces in and a light at the bottom tells you what piece to put in next. Plus you can compete against a friend. Looks fun and for a quid I couldn't resist!

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Not a lot really.

Got a loose SNES (2 pads, all leads) with Mario World, Mario All Stars, ISS, Street Fighter II Turbo, Donkey Kong Country and DOnkey Kong Country 2 - £3.

N64 Rumble Pak - 50p.

Sensible Soccer for the Amiga - 50p

Thats the lot.

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Loose SNES, two pads, leads, 'Slick Stick' arcade stick and the following carts.


Nigel Mansells World Championship

Super Mario Kart

Super Wrestlemania


Jurassic Park

Rise Of The Robots

Streetfighter II Turbo

The Mask


Aero The Acrobat

Donkey Kong Country

Rival Turf

Super Bomberman 2


Lemmings 2



Loose SNES, 2 pads, leads, Nigel Mansells World Championship, Super Tennis (boxed but rough), Stunt Race FX (boxed), Pilotwings (boxed but rough), Pugsleys Scavenger Hunt (US NTSC), cart adaptor.


Loose Sega Saturn model 2, two pads, leads, PGA Tour 97, Sonic Jam.


Xbox, leads, 1 pad.


That was about it really, theres another one at the same place tomorrow but the bank holiday ones are usually smaller with less traders. I'm hoping to get some goodies then as well.


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My word i've had a good day (Though mostly nongame bargains)

Game wise

SNES/MD2 + games £3 the two

Xbox quantum shift £2

Non game wise

Full size cafe expresso machine (I mean BIG) £12

Old P1 Toshiba Laptop £8

Apple 17" LCD monitor £2

8 DVD's (various) £8

LG Windows CE laptop £20

Pentium 3 MB + parts £5 (To build yet another machine)

Very modern HP printer/scanner £5

Plus a load more stuff

An expensive day in all, but mostly stuff for ebay. An Expresso machine like the one i got sold for £400+ on ebay recently :wub::(

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a laptop for under a tenner????

your having a fucking laugh surely :wub:

Its quite common for old laptops like that to be that sort of price :(. I find them a pain to get rid of unless they're at least something like a 266MMX though.


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so how old are these said laptops? do they have a CD drive/interweb accsess etc? or are they really old skool ones with just floppy drives.

The one i've got has a colour screen, built in CD drive, speakers, external floppy and pcimia slots (so i can fit a wireless card into it :( ). Its old but more than useful as a word processor / internet browser

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Todays booty:


The wierdest find has to be the NTSC-J version of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on PS2 for £2

The PS2 and the other PS2 games and some of the ps1 ones was £25.

Other ps1, dc and md games were between £1 and £1.50

monkey ball 2 £4

game gear and columns £4

cds all 50p each.

Dark fury £1

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Went this morning and it was pretty pants.

Master System II with Ayrton Sennas Monaco GP II, Spiderman, Assault City, Dead Angle, Dynamite Duke, Altered Beast, Vigilante, Sonic The Hedgehog.


Batman Returns MD.


Boxed Thomson Sky Digibox.


Couple of Dan Brown Paperbacks.



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1 x mk 1 Mega CD with 5 games, including:

Sonic CD

Mortal Kombat

Jaguar XJ220

Mickey Mania

Limited Edition (limited to 1 million copies) Sega Classics


Transformers (PS2)



SSX3 (Xbox)

£10 the lot

Unboxed snes with 1 pad, Doom and Fifa Football - £1 (no RF lead though)

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Eh? As in, an LCD monitor, those flat things that sell for hundreds, for £2?! Or am I just being reeeeeeally dumb.



Thats nothing though. A month and a half ago i found a box for £10 that contained two of these and a conference phone (sold that for £60 2 days later on the bay)


I :(:(:( car boots

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Sunday was better than Monday.



Mega Drive: Range from 50p to £1.50

Wonder Boy III Monster Lair

Super Monaco GP


Virtua Racing

Lotus Turbo Challenge

Cadash (US)

Dragon's Fury

Haunting (at last)

Kings Bounty (loose)

King of the Monsters (loose)

Atari 2600: Both loose for 50p each

Video Chess

Maze Craze

Game Gear: Working console (with sound!) and games £4

Donald Duck Lucky Dime Caper


Bart vs the Space Mutants

Ultimate Soccer

PGA Tour Golf

Game Boy: Console was £2 (with Desert Strike)

Desert Strike

Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge

and a 32 in 1 cart (with 7 different games repeated)

Commodore 64

Creatures 2



Monday was a disapointment, my local boot was cancelled so I had to drive a fair way to a nearby one that had very little to offer.

Didn't get a pic, camera battery dead.

Mega Drive: Sonic Compilation (loose)

Spectrum 48k with bag of games £3

and a Nintendo record bag

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