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Stunning new Zelda :TP secreens.


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doesn't look THAT stunning.

I'd say graphically that's just about on par with SotC.

But no doubt without all the massive shimmering and frame rate hitches. :lol:

Whatever, it looks great. Easily up there with te best of this gen's titles, IMO.

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Wow. My interest in this game has just gone up several notches. I guess they've mainly been showing GC shots before now?

I'll probably pick this up with the machine. Even though I know it will have the same clunky old interface and structure as every Zelda since OoT and I'll get bored of it about 3 dungeons in. :lol::lol:

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I just love seeing a shot like that and thinking "Who's that? Where's that house? Why is there a wolf? What will I have to do there? What will the music be like?"

Soaking yourself in all those hundreds of little scenarios like you're in a great big Nintendo bath. That's what a new Zelda game is like for me.

Haha, I was thinking the same thing :lol:

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Nice! Much closer to what I was expecting from the Wii visually... (what the hell happened with Battalion Wars 2? :lol: ), actually, if they're GC shots thats even more impressive.

Some pretty wierd, un-zelda looking stuff in there too (like that first picture in the first post with the wierd tentacle hand thing).

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Nintendo confirmed recently that there will be (other than prog scan and widescreen) no differences graphically between the GC and Wii versions. These are therefore not 'upgraded' Wii shots, just shots from a newer build most likely.

Miyamoto justified Nintendo's decision to use the game's additional development time to concentrate on additional content, rather than adding visual bells and whistles to the Wii version. "At one point," he explained, "even members of our staff said 'the Wii is more powerful than the GC, so we'd like to polish the graphics.' However, Zelda players don't look forward to this polish, they look forward to an enjoyable game."

(what the hell happened with Battalion Wars 2? :lol: )

Nothing. You've just seen one static shot. IGN, who have played it/seen it moving, say:

The first thing we noticed were the graphics were greatly improved compared to Battalion Wars on the Cube. The characters are more detailed, the environments look and feel bigger and more realistic, and the effects are quite impressive.
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I hate everyone who wanted Zelda to look like this. Shame on you all you fucking cock chogging LotR fanboys.

Wind Waker, we salute you.

Much as I loved Wind Waker, the art style of this is still pure Nintendo, and nothing like LotR at all. It's more like OoT, which is a good thing.

Such negativity in here (why am I surprised?). These are GC screens, and as such they look stunning. No reason why they wouldn't really, when you look at stuff like the Dragon Room in RE4.

You wait, in a few months time we'll be knee deep in gameplay discussion, and marvelling at all the little surprises and "did you know you can's" that there are bound to be in this game.

Can't wait! :lol:

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