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I am gobsmacked. Is it stagecoach or high noon? With Prince's manager in a camal hair coat (Albert Ruffalo?) coming on a bit too strong to the ladies. The 'skins' are wearing Englang flag face paint, and are after a winnebago full of oddballs. Michael Ironside is gettintg plenty of opportunity to punch first, ask questions later. The van is being driven by a massive mullet minder, and now there's some water ballet going on. It's better than Pteryldactyl 3!

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I started a thread on this film sixteen years ago, and I have no recollection of ever having watched it, despite it clearly impressing me at the time.


I only found this thread because I did a forum search for ‘are you high’, which brought up @Monkeyboy’s question.


How different the world was then.

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