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Question about Nintendo DS power supplies

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I just got hold of an old-style DS (which is from Canada).

However, I'm worried I might blow it up if I use the power charger it came wth on a UK socket. The power charger is the kind with two flat metal pins and I know I can get an adaptor that I can slot it into.

Will this be fine? Or do I need to get a voltage convertor-style one?

Many thanks for any help.

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I do have a GBA SP power charger somewhere... but I got my SP from Spain (confusingly). So I just need to use that with a 'normal' adpator?

Sorry I put this in the wrong folder...

I think a Spain one would work okay on a UK socket with an adapter, yes. They are the same voltage.

But if it melts your DS, don't blame me. :unsure:

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