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FEAR Combat


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anyone had the email yet? the countdown on the website is at 0, but i havnt received owt.

go to


they have the files and CD key you need (need to register to get the key)

Really good game, somewhere between CSS and Rainbow 6 III.

not bad at all for free !!

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I've got this if anyone wants to add me, the Xfire tag is caprylate.

I've got it, can't really play today, maybe tomorrow?

What's it like online? I fear that all the players might be too good now, leading to us new players dying loads and loads!

Well on my first time trying it online, I manged to get 13 kills which I was very happy with, I had the least kills on my team, but its still quite a high amount of kills for a first try and for someone who isn't used to mouse and keyboard controls either.

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Yeah, I've found this game to actually be fun for shit players as well. especially in team mode.

edit: I'm a shit player btw...

I agree. I'm pretty crap but still find it enjoyable. It's nowhere near as harsh on crap people as most PC multiplayer FPS.

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Yeah I figured it out in the end.

Sorry that I wasn't all that chatty this evening - I've been playing CS:S for months and the shift in pace means there's less time to stop and talk. Nonetheless, it was great fun despite my horrendous ping, and it'd be nice to do it again once my connection's got it's arse in gear. Maybe SloMo deathmatch next time? :)

Oh, and it's very enjoyable for any of you still contemplating. Get downloading and join us! You can't be much worse than me. :D

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