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Cover songs that are just wrong


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I also don't know why anybody bothers covering "love will tear us apart". I've got one version by squarepusher, which is mostly the same, but he can't sing, and the beats a bit different. it doesn't really add anything good. another version is by swans. it's just gothified a bit. don't see the point in either of them, despite adoring both squarepusher and swans.

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He did it very well live at the O2 festival though.

*runs away*

*but comes back and proudly stands as a Blunt fan*




How, pray tell, can you /not/ do a Pixies song well? Pointless, pointless cover.

No. The beauty was in the original sounding hopelessly mournful. The Beatles' version is a piece of art. The cover is just a dull song with words.

Absolutely, 100% correct.

Unfortunately, a portion of my friends still believe it to be the 'best thing ever', and maintain that the original is 'dull'. These friends sadden me.

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How, pray tell, can you /not/ do a Pixies song well? Pointless, pointless cover.

I remember there was a Pixies tribute album a while back (maybe 10 years ago :):( ) with lots of US pop-punk and emo bands on it (Jawbreaker kind of emo. Not that eyeliner and swept fringes stuff). Loads of indie kids were up in arms about it and how it was sacrilege etc.

In all fairness it was complete shite.

But then some label got a bunch of indie bands together (the Pixies kind of indie. Not like Shed 7 or Heavy Stereo or something) to do their own Pixies tribute album.

It was equally shit.

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yeah, that Ultraviolence track is the only one i skip on the Earache Black Sabbath covers album, Masters of Misery.

I can forgive Ultraviolence for the Paranoid cover purely on the basis of the slice of mentalism that is Hardcore Motherfucker.

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Some of these are fucking terrible, that Jessica Simpson one needs fucking burned. The fact that she makes Robbie Williams sound like a good singer is a miracle. She can't sing worth a fuck.

Going to flip it slightly can a cover enhance a record? I really like Metallica's version of Whiskey in the Jar. I don't think they could have come up with it themselves but I think the song suits Metallica. EDIT: Actually I just listened to them both again, it's just a superb song whichever of them sings it.

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i'd like to nominate the entire Duran Duran album "Thank You".

what a massive pile of shit. you need serious chops to cover Public Enemy and not come off sounding like a geography teacher trying to be hip. Le Bon fails.

and as for Metallica covering stuff, they seem to end up sounding too pat and polished totally ruining any character the original songs had. the Bad Seeds and Ramones covers they have done demonstrate this effectively.

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